6 Best Breakfast Spots in Novi Sad

Contrary to popular belief, the ‘Index’ sandwich is not the only food you can find in Novi Sad (although it is the best, it’s not the only one, we promise).

The Novi Sad gastronomy scene is changing every year, the offer is not oriented towards Vojvodina cuisine only anymore, it includes modern tendencies and it speaks to everyone, from the fitness maniacs to people whose priority is enjoying life. Breakfast is very important to every true citizen of Novi Sad, whether it is a quick bite before school or work, or a family lunch on the weekend. Here are some places you shouldn’t miss.

The ‘Perec’ Bakery

📌 Centar

The holy place of breakfast for students from the schools that are located in the city centre, or people working in the nearby offices and state institutions, or tourists and guests, the ‘Perec’ bakery in Laze Telečkog Street offers a wide range of pastry, with the famous hard-baked pretzel as its speciality.

But that’s not the only thing we suggest you try, no, in the manner of the typical Vojvodina house, this bakery offers you just anything, from homemade cookies, walnut cakes and cheese pies, to dounuts, sandwiches and various salads for those who watch their diet and prefer a lighter bite.

PRO TIP: This bakery has few spaces to sit inside, except in the summer, when they put tables and chairs outside the bakery too. Try and avoid going here during the recess of the nearby schools, because that’s when the line gets very long.

‘Pite ispod sača’ (En. Pies Under Sač)

📌 Almaški kraj

Let’s get straight to the point, this bakery in Temerinska Street is specialized for one and one dish only – pies under sač. You will not see tourists with cameras around their necks here, nor fensy influensers or stiff-looking managers, you will encounter the ordinary citizens of Novi Sad who share love for these declisious pies! What you will likely see inside is a pie chef dispersing ember with a hair dryer, and a woman who works there, cutting various types of pies, from the ones with potatoes and cheese, courgette and greens, to the sweet cherry pies. Be patient, wait in line and choose for yourself – each of them is delicious!

PRO TIP: If you choose to eat inside, order yoghurt as well, the woman who works there will likely ask you if you would yoghurt on top of your pie. The right answer to this question is YES! That’s how the pie is served here, and that’s it, you have to eat it that way.

Organic Factory

This is one of the first places in Novi Sad which recognised that the citizens have started choosing healthier options for their breakfast, and that quality became more important than quantity.Organic Factory has been promoting the ecological aspect of working, homemade pastry baking and community building, thus it continues to be one of the favourite places for the citizens of Liman and for the people working in the nearby IT offices. As any place based on the concept of breakfast, this place works only until 3 p.m. We suggest you sit inside or in front of the cafe, or go to the nearby Limanski Park and sit on a bench. Choose sandwiches, crescent rolls and pair them with coffee or freshly squeezed juice.

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PRO TIP: Buns with chocolate and cherries.


📌 Petrovaradin

Even though they offer homemade sandwiches, we all go here to have a sweet breakfast – let’s not lie, we all need it from time to time. The former traditional cake shop Multi-Tarte has earned its world fame together with EXIT festival, thus becoming the favourite place for clubbers to have breakfast at. After all, who doesn’t want to have buns with walnuts, cinnamon or cherries, or the delicious tarts and homemade cookies for the breakfast? Don’t limit yourself to only having breakfast in Petrovaradin, while you are already there, go visit the beautiful Gradić or Petrovaradin Fortress.

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PRO TIP: If you don’t want to cross the bridge, make sure you visit the younger brother of Multi-Tarte – Hot Kexx in Maksima Gorkog Street. And make sure you bring your dog as well, since they are pet friendly!

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If there existed an award for the most instagramable place in Novi Sad, Vida would definitely get it! These people know what they’re doing, they pay close attention to the development of their menu, therefore every time you go there – there will be something new on the menu. The offer itself is very diverse, so you can choose anything, from healthy podrige, scrambled eggs, to tasty pancakes with fruits and cream. In addition to this, you’ll be able to capture all of it and post it on social media, because, let’s not fool ourselves – the looks of the food is as important as the taste of it!

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PRO TIP: Coffee in an ice cream cone.

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Špajz salaša 137

📌 Centar

This must be the most authentic Vojvodina place from this list. Equally interesting to both the tourists and citizens of Novi Sad who want to spend their Saturday mornings with their friends – ‘Špajz salaša 137’ has a famous weekend breakfast based on the concept of the ‘Swedish table’ or buffet and a big terrace. It’s also next to the fresh market so it can definitely boast about its homey atmosphere. You will not feel as if you’re sitting in a restaurant, but in your aunt’s house, thus you won’t be able to walk away from your table until you’ve eaten everything from your plate!

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PRO TIP: If there’s ‘makoš’ – oven-baked pasta with poppy seed covered in milk, make sure you get the biggest portion. But leave some for other people as well, it’s too good not to share it with others.

Author: Bojana Kozomora

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