Novi Sad District has become a meeting point of the independent cultural scene and cultural institutions. From 1 March this year, the unique centre of artistic creativity will become the home of the Association of Collective Art Practice (SKUP), which aims to engage in art with mutual cooperation and exchange of resources, knowledge and skills of various organizations and groups. SKUP will start its work with a donor auction in Atelje 61, which has given part of its premises to the newly formed association. Visitors will have the opportunity to buy the works of established artists, as well as those who are at the beginning of their careers.

SKUP consists of Šok ZadrugaGrafička Mreža, ReAktor, Iskra, Alliance of Feminist Organizations – SFO Rekonekcija and others. We learned more about the association and the donor auction from Željko Grulović, executive producer of SKUP.

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