Built in the 1950s as part of a wire factory, Fabrika has a long tradition that is preserved by the iconic SCCNS Fabrika, as well as the French Institute in Novi Sad, which is located in one of the premises. As the facility consists of as many as six street and eight courtyard spaces, the large capacity of Fabrika will be used for the first exhibition on the centennial of the District.

Within the Factory, there is The Office for Cooperation with Civil Society was founded in December 2021, and it started working during the European Capital of Culture title year.

The Office faces Despota Stefana Boulevard on one side and has a view of the Quay on the other. The advantage of the location is the accessibility of the street, the proximity of the parking lot, Štrand and the Liman Park. It was founded in order to include civil society organizations in a dialogue and partnership relationship with the institutions of the City of Novi Sad, which is based on constant, transparent and structured communication and regular exchange of experiences, information and opinions.

The activities carried out by the Office are the initiation of dialogue with civil society on issues of common interest in the local community, participation in the preparation and monitoring of the implementation of strategic documents related to the creation of an encouraging environment for the development of civil society, regulations and other acts regulating the position of associations and other civil society organizations as the foundation of building a democratic, inclusive and solidary society.

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