Cinkara and Gvožđara

Cinkara and Gvožđara were part of the same complex that was built in 1926 as the oldest part
of the industrial zone. Cinkara was intended for hot galvanizing, i.e., steel structures were
immersed in a zinc solution at a temperature of 430-460 degrees. On the territory of Grear
Liman, galvanized wire, cloth and knitting made of galvanized wire were produced by the
Kramer Brothers factory, Fabex and Petar Drapšin factory. Today, the facility together with
Gvožđara forms the largest unit of the District, with as many as 11 independent spaces for
creative and cultural industries. Iron objects such as stoves, irons, kitchen scales, scale
weights, iron presses, grape presses, and others were made in Gvožđara. In 1922, the
Vojvodina Foundry was founded here, in 1937, the Novi Sad Foundry, so Gvožđara inherits a
long tradition. Together with Cinkara, this is the largest infrastructural unit in the District, in
which the arrangement of the theatre space, designed as a smaller version of the Globe
Theatre, is planned, while the rest of the space is suitable for business premises, start-up
projects and creative hubs.

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