Czech Magazine

The oldest building in the District was declared a cultural monument in 2001. Today it is in
the service of the archives of Matica Srpska, and during the Kaleidoscope of Culture it
became a unique multimedia scenography for open-air opera and a background for video-
mapping, which turned it into a kind of space for contemporary creativity in the field of new
The Czech Magazine was built on the territory of Great Liman in 1921. It was used by
Czechoslovak businessmen to store agricultural products that they bought in Vojvodina and
transported to the north on the Danube. Industrial goods were brought from the Czech
Republic for the needs of the Jugočeška—a large Yugoslav-Czech textile company.
Due to its architectural characteristics, this cultural monument belongs to the group of the
most valuable industrial buildings preserved on the territory of Novi Sad and is of great
importance for the study of the history of economic buildings from the territory of the city.

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