Faces of Novi Sad: Ljubica and Mića

Ljubica i Mića, Lica Novog Sada

I first came to Novi Sad in 1968 to study law. It was a city of wide streets. After I had finished my studies, I went back to my hometown Senta, where I got married, lived a little and gave birth to two boys. Destiny brought me back to Petrovaradin in 2005. Now, I think I can’t do without Novi Sad and its surroundings. Warm-hearted people live here today. Now that I’m retired, I’m doing things I didn’t have time for earlier. I’ve become more active. I volunteer in Novi Sad Voluntary Service, I paint, write poems, stories, aphorisms, novels and haiku poems. Ljubica, 71

I come from Mokrin. I came to Novi Sad on September 16, 1978. For about three years now, I’ve been volunteering in the Novi Sad Voluntary Service. I also became member of the Novi Sad Humanitarian Centre as a volunteer. My volunteering activities have been put on hold for a while because of coronavirus. I spent that time making face masks that I ended up giving to the Gerontology Centre of Novi Sad. This mask that you see on me right now, I made it.

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