Citizens of Novi Sad Recommend: These Are Their Favourite Cafes in the City

Almost no one is indifferent when it comes to where they’re going to have a cup of coffee with friends. You, too, probably have your favourite cafe in the neighbourhood or the one you’d always go all the way to the city centre for. We’ve asked the citizens of Novi Sad what their favourite cafes were, and they gave us diverse answers. Let’s see if someone recommended ‘your’ spot and make sure to consider their recommendations next time you go to a cafe! So, what are their favourite places?

Izba! I’ve been going to Izba for ten years now, so I know everyone there. The atmosphere is homey, as well as the ambience, it’s comfortable and cosy. They often organise excellent exhibitions too. In addition to this, beer is not expensive, which is one of the reasons I always come back to Izba.
Sofija, 27

I have two favourites. The first one is Loft, because they use different coffee brewing methods, so besides the standard espresso, you can also try coffee made by using AeroPress, drip coffee machine, chemex, siphon brewer – you can ask the staff what it all means! I like their cold brew best, and the atmosphere, the clean restroom (that’s quite important, you have to admit) and a great selection of food, iced teas and alcohol. My second favourite is the recently opened ‘Čika Pero’ on Kralj Petar Boulevard. Since it has a garden, it’s a perfect place to relax and not do anything. It’s also pet friendly. The coffee and drink offer is limited, but reasonable, while the portions of food are big and the waiters are kind.
Stevan, 29


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I choose Pascal in Radnička Street. It might seem silly mentioning this as the main reason, but I love this cafe because of its pastel colours and nice interior. This is a newer cafe and I like their food offer, for example, a chopped pork sandwich. I take friends there all the time, I even used to live in the building above the cafe for a short period of time. It’s nice, sitting in this cobblestone street, with a sound of rustling leaves and the trees making a nice shade, while you are evoking your student days since it’s close to the campus. I like their instagram as well – lately, the focus hasn’t been on self-promotion, but on various actions regarding fundraising for the boys and girls in need.
Ivana, 30


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I love Oblomov in the summer. The garden is, in fact, a courtyard of a pre-war one-story building. It’s full of greenery, in a small and hidden street not far from the city centre. When I think about it, I don’t want many people hearing about this, as I don’t want it to become very popular. 🙂 But I love it, it’s a nice cafe, relaxed, everything is unconventional and open for compromise.
Branko, 33

I discovered that I was actually a spoiled coffee and book consumer when I became part of the interior at the Zenit Books bookstore/bar/nice things store. I love Zenit because they give me an extension cord for my laptop without even needing to ask for it. I love it because they serve delicious coffee in stunning mugs (you can also buy those mugs and try to recreate the atmosphere at home, spoiler alert: you won’t succeed). They have excellent books, and what’s even better, they can always recommend a good read. The space is amazing if you want to chill, but it’s suitable for working as well, and the people working there breathe life into it. Also, unlike a lot of cafes in Novi Sad, Zenit doesn’t play loud music, which allows you to work in peace and quiet without having to shout if you want to say something to your friend, with whom you are about to share the delicious, freshly baked cookie, covered in jam and dipped in herbal tea.
Jovana, 32

Putnički Kafe Kota 84. It’s in the very centre of the city, but in a side street, so the cafe is discreet and unobtrusive. You would rarely stumble upon this cafe on your own, someone must take you there. It has an enclosed area, a part in the haustor/passage and an outdoor garden. There’s a great offer of unconventional local and foreign shots – local beer, whiskey and wine. Before coronavirus, they used to organise lectures and screenings here. But the best thing about this cafe is the staff. And the guests. Those are the people who recognise each other, even if they don’t know each other. The good people. Sometimes, people sitting at a table will start a discussion, and then the whole cafe will join them.
Lazar, 28

Absolut, because it’s a place someone designed so that we could feel at home, comfortable and relaxed. The interior is beautiful-looking, it’s not too crowded with tables, the atmosphere is pleasant, the staff is kind, the music is great and it’s not too loud (which is a thing in Novi Sad cafes), so you can talk with people without having to shout. As much as I made a habit of going to Absolut, I still like going there, I never not go there whenever I’m in the city centre. Over the years, Absolut has become a place where I made a lot of memories, and that’s why I love coming back to it.
Asja, 32


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I like Kafeterija and Loft the most – because they serve excellent coffee. Kafeterija is more calming and comfortable, so, naturally, more beautiful. There is a lot of greenery, which I like, and I can also work there. On the other hand, Loft has a special charm. The staff is pretty kind, and I especially like going there in the summer ‘cause of the beautiful yard that it has, and although it’s in the city centre, it’s somewhat hidden. Just perfect!
Marko, 31

I like those half-cafes, such as Biciklana in Fruškogorska Street, where you can both inflate your bike tires and have an amazing cup of coffee, or Mipl, where you can drink coffee and play board games with your friends for free, or buy an awesome gift. For those who don’t know the rules of a game, they can always ask the staff of Mipl, they will explain everything for sure. Also, the interior is nicely decorated, it’s new and bright.
Angelina, 32


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My favourite cafe is Radio Cafe in Svetozara Miletića Street. It has a nice green garden with a little garden creek. I feel at home there, it’s isolated, it’s never crowded, and the music and staff are unobtrusive. Even though it’s located in the city centre, you’ll have absolute privacy, especially during the summer or spring, when you can sit in the garden. That’s why I go there on first dates as well as breakups. 🙂
Igor, 31


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