Faces of Novi Sad: Maša (24)

You know that feeling of coming back home from a trip? The feeling when you see the blue board that has ‘Welcome to Novi Sad’ written on it? I always come back with a smile on my face, ready to tell the streets of Novi Sad about the other streets I’ve seen. They are pretty and interesting, but not better than my streets. Novi Sad is my city. One simply can’t decide which season is more beautiful in it. When it’s springtime, you can’t pass through Zmaj Jovina street ‘cause it’s so crowded. During the summer, everyone likes to spend time next to the river, which connects us to many European cities. The autumn is magical with its colours but also rain, which causes traffic jams. In the winter, it’s best to go to Fruška Gora or watch the decorated city. I’m sure other cities are special as well, but Novi Sad has spirit, culture, history and people that adorn it.
Maša (24)

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