Obrad Škrbić: SCCNS ‘Fabrika’ is the home of alternative artistic expression

– I would say that we definitely do not have anything similar in the country, and as for abroad, I have not had the opportunity to visit such places or neighbourhoods. However, according to some of the artists who visited us, something like this can be seen, for example, in Berlin, which is considered the European New York. I would be happy if the same could be said for the District – says Obrad Škrbić, CEO of the Student Cultural Centre of Novi Sad.

For more than ten years, the institution has been located in the famous ‘Fabrika’, one of the first buildings that was renovated in the process of transforming the District into a new centre of culture and art in Novi Sad, launched as part of the ‘Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture’ project. As Škrbić says, in a way, they are already natives of that location, and the reconstruction of the space has improved working conditions for them, as well as enjoyment for all visitors.

– We left ‘Fabrika’ in December 2018, after which the renovation began, which was completed on 30 June 2021. The new contract was signed with the City Administration for Property, and from the autumn of the same year we started with the programmes – explains Škrbić. – We are extremely satisfied with the newly acquired functionality of the entire space. In the renovated ‘Fabrika’ we got central heating, as well as a modern air conditioning system, our roof was fixed, we have new insulation, toilets, including those for people with disabilities, etc. Thus, ‘Fabrika’ has become a space available for all our fellow citizens. Furthermore, the facility is pet friendly, which changes only if the programme requires it. In addition to this, thanks to the Administration for Construction Land and Investments of the City of Novi Sad, the storm water drainage problem has been solved, so we no longer have flooding when it rains heavily. The traffic infrastructure has been improved, and now we have enough parking spaces surrounding the District.

Obrad Škrbić expressed satisfaction with the fact that the renovation of Fabrika was carried out in accordance with and in agreement with the employees of SCCNS, and, as he said, they received both a functional space for the organization of the programmes that they now implement in a much easier and more efficient way, as well as an office in which employees can perform their daily activities.

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