Backpack Essentials If You Are a Tourist in Novi Sad

Novi Sad is a city you will definitely come back to. All the people who are gladly coming back to the capital of Vojvodina each chance they get, to either try some new specialty or beer, chill in a new cafe in Zmaj Jovina street, or simply revisit their all-time favourite cafes, speak in favour of this. However, if you’re in Novi Sad for the first time, it would help if you followed some rules. If you do so, you’ll be a pro next time!

1. Comfortable flat shoes or trainers

Alright, alright, you won’t be carrying this in your backpack, but rather wearing it. Still, it deserves to be the first thing to mention since it’s quite important. Even though Novi Sad is a city of flat terrain, with wide streets and promenades, don’t let that trick you into wearing those good-looking, but uncomfortable shoes of yours. You’ll probably walk a lot – truth be told, with frequent breaks – so it’s best if you enjoy the entire experience and not let something like shoes get in the way of that. This is especially important if you plan on visiting the Petrovaradin Fortress, which requires climbing 214 stairs. So, put on your comfy shoes and let’s go!

2. Portable charger

We all know how quickly our phone batteries die, especially if you take a lot of pictures and post a lot on social media. Since we believe the architecture, colours and sights of our lovely city won’t leave you indifferent, we warn you to bring a spare battery or a portable charger. It might also come in handy if you want to text your friends and invite them to the next Novi Sad adventure. We believe they won’t say no. 🙂

3. Enough tissues or napkins

Don’t expect to leave Novi Sad without trying the famous ‘Index’ sandwich. And then eating a couple more sandwiches, because a) it’s so delicious, and b) the locals told you where to eat the BEST index sandwich. This delicious fast food that the citizens of Novi Sad are really proud of, since it’s the city’s signature, is eaten either standing or at food stands, thus, you should prepare a couple of napkins that will help you look decent after you’ve finished eating; decent and ready to continue exploring the city!

4. Clothes peg

Just slip an ordinary clothes peg into your bag! If you get tired of walking, we suggest you try the popular way of exploring the city: bicycle. Novi Sad has a bicycle rental system where, if you make the card once, you’ll be able to pay for hours and hours of riding and ‘unlocking’ the bikes from one out of fifteen bike stations in the city. As for where the stations are located and whether or not there are free bikes to rent at a given moment, make sure to check your app. There are enough cycle paths for a lovely city ride! But wait, why would you need a clothes peg? Remember all those times when you got chain grease on your flared trousers? In order to prevent this, pin your trousers with clothes pegs like a true person from the Banat.

5. Dog treats

Sooner or later, you’ll come across the Danube Park, an oasis of greenery in the city centre. There is a dog park next to it, where all the dogs whose owners live in the city centre like to play and run freely. If a cute doggo runs to greet you, pull out some dog treats out of your bag. That way, you’ll become his second favourite person for sure. You can treat dogs anywhere in the city – stray dogs of Novi Sad are nice and friendly, and you can easily make their day better.

6. Cash

Don’t worry, most places accept cards, except newsstands and street markets. However, if you stumble across some buskers or, say, eight tambourine players from Petrovaradin, and if the sounds of their music make you all emotional, make sure you have some cash with you so that you can tip them.

7. Taxi numbers

Neither your feet nor your bicycle will get you easily to one of the favourite places of people from Novi Sad: Ribarsko ostrvo (En. Fisherman’s Island). This place is popular for a reason – it offers not just tasty food and various restaurants, but a beautiful view of the river and the working fishermen. Since people of Novi Sad like their lives safe and easy, we suggest you leave your car at the parking lot and call a taxi that will take you home safely.

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