Buying Local: Shops in Novi Sad Offer Unique Goods

At the time of mass production, which is present in all aspects of our lives, and numerous negative effects it has on both the environment and economy, investing in local, authentic, long-lasting and sustainable products is something every sane person stands for.

Novi Sad has a lot to offer – quality, aesthetics and authenticity. Keep this in mind next time you come across some of the overrated retail franchises – perhaps it’d be better to support your neighbour, that way you’d be leaving a cleaner planet for future generations. Once you do it, there is no coming back to your old ways. Check out our list of the best unique shops in Novi Sad. Enjoy!

The Manual Co.

📌 Centar

The Novi Sad workshop for producing leather items, with a 35-year long tradition – The Manual Co., supplied generations of ladies from Novi Sad and countless number of tourists with elegant bags, wallets and belts. With a store located amidst the swirl of city events, Zmaj Jovina Street, The Manuel Co. has been attracting the passers-by and adhering to traditional production and business methods for years now – they are all about quality!

Misha Concept Store

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Opening a store in Pašićeva Street, which is a holy place of tourism in Novi Sad, made happy not just the tourists, but fashion lovers and fans of natural materials, modern cut and authentic stylistic expression. Misha Concept Store offers a wide range of clothes, hats, bags, handmade jewelry, shoes, swimsuits and sunglasses by designers from Serbia and Novi Sad who have already established and defined their own artistic signature. Each piece is unique, so running into someone who’s wearing the same thing as you will be almost impossible.

SOFI cosmetics

📌 Centar

While you are already in Pašićeva Street, make sure you visit the SOFI Natural Cosmetics Shop. This shop sells cosmetics made with 100% natural ingredients, without additives, thus paying attention to the environment and adhering to traditional methods of production. As soon as you enter the shop, lovely scents of lavender, mint, patchouli, marigold, cinnamon and chocolate will enchant you. From craft soaps, natural deodorants and oils, to bath bombs – whatever you choose to buy, you won’t regret it.


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Jucin dućan (En. Juca’s Store)

📌 Centar

If you like handmade bags, earrings, mugs, scarves and dolls, Juca’s Store is the right place for you. This lovely little store in Ise Bajića Street offers everything, and once you walk in, the chances are you’ll come out with presents for everyone – yourself, your mum, aunt, daughter, everyone! Juca’s dolls are especially charming, you can play with them, or you can wear them as a necklace.


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The ‘Kovač’ Hats

‘Kovač’, the cult hat workshop in Poštanska Street, is a family business that has been running for almost a century now. In addition to being able to buy some of the handmade hats, you can also mend them here. Yes, there are still places where you can mend your hats. Craftsmen of this shop still use the last century hat moulds, but they make modern, hunting and fedora hats as well. People from Novi Sad always wear good hats.

A Unique Corner (Sr. Unikatni kutak)

A little down the Poštanska Street, in the Newlyweds Square (sr. Trg Mladenaca), there’s another temple for fashion lovers – A Unique Corner shop, haven for the local designers and creatives. If you can’t make up your mind with all the bracelets, bags, badges, T-shirts, mugs, tote bags or dresses, we’re here to solve your problems – buy everything. That way, you’ll be supporting the local fashion scene.

Werkštat concept store

📌 Petrovaradin

In the Suburbium of the Petrovaradin Fortress, in the famous Štrosmajerova Street, there’s a souvenir and unique-item store – Werkštat Concept Store. The beautiful, handmade refrigerator magnets, the former Yugoslavia reminiscing motifs, but designer products as well, are luring in the tourists heading to the Fortress. This shop is a real emblem of our lovely Gradić.

Author: Bojana Kozomora

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