Valentine’s Day in Novi Sad: Romantic Places for Couples

‘The most beautiful thing when it comes to honest and deep love is the fact that none of our flaws are highlighted. A lot of ugly things that we carry inside ourselves disappear, while the good ones triple.’
Ivo Andrić

If you’re planning a romantic night out, Novi Sad is full of possibilities, and not just for Valentine’s Day – in this city, love is always in the air. Inspired by its strength, many have written about love, tried to explain this feeling that fulfils us, heals us and makes us feel rich. The streets of Novi Sad witnessed numerous love stories, and since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, we recommend six romantic nooks the streets of Novi Sad are hiding.

The ‘Drunken Clock’ & Novi Sad

📌 Petrovaradin

For more than two and a half centuries, the famous Drunken Clock has been standing in the very centre of the Petrovaradin Fortress. The clock got this interesting name due to its uniqueness – the big hand on the clock shows hours, while the small one shows minutes. It dates back to 1750, exactly around the time that Novi Sad was proclaimed a free royal city. In the past, it was much more important to be able to see hours from a long distance, rather than minutes, that’s why the big hand is showing hours – it’s visible from the Novi Sad side. A very important moment, in addition to the clock, is the view of Novi Sad, which is magical and beautiful. Thus, right there, throughout the whole year, you can see couples making memories and stories to tell in the future. You, too, can choose this exact spot to be your Valentine’s Day spot.

Petrovaradin sat pogled na Novi Sad

Oasis of peace in the heart of the city

📌 City Centre

Another trademark of Novi Sad, widely known outside the city as well, is the Danube Park. With over 250 plant species in the very centre of the city and the lake with the island named ‘Eržebet’, as well as the sculpture of the Nymph and the weeping willow, the Danube Park represents a true oasis of peace for all Novi Sad citizens. During the spring season, concerts and other cultural events are being held here, while in the winter it turns into the Ice Forest. An unavoidable part of the Danube Park is the gazebo, which has been hosting newlyweds for years thanks to its beauty. If you are planning a romantic walk for the day of love, make sure you stop by the Danube Park.

Statua Dunavski park Novi Sad

Postcards from Fruška Gora

📌 Fruška Gora

If you want to escape the city for Valentine’s Day, but also not go too far, ‘Trandžament’ can be the right choice for you, with the lovely view of Fruška Gora waiting for you. The name comes from the French word ‘tranches’ which means trench or earth barricade. It served as a military training ground, swearing-in ceremonies, military all-around events and parades. The first association to this part behind the Petrovaradin Fortress and towards Sremska Kamenica is a magical postcard that takes your breath away and that you carry in your heart forever. This feeling of the view from Trandžament goes hand in hand with the feeling of love that we celebrate on 14 February.

The whole cosmos for the day of love

📌 Petrovaradin

It goes without saying that a perfect date includes looking at the stars, right? To enter the unreal cosmos holding hands, we recommend a visit to the Planetarium. The Petrovaradin Fortress accommodates the Novi Sad Astronomy Observatory with Planetarium, which, in addition to the one in Belgrade, is the only planetarium in Serbia. In its current form, the Observatory at the Fortress began to work in 1985. It is located in the part of the fortress that is known in the old plans as Hornwerk, 20 metres from the entrance gate of the former guardhouse. And don’t forget, the sky’s the limit!  🙂

Romance called ice skating

📌 Veliki Liman

If you like being active during the weekend, come by the ice rink at Spens. You’ll always have a ball at the Novi Sad ice rink, with a lot of love stories being born there. The ice rink was built in 1983 and since then, the people of Novi Sad have been looking forward to winter. The magic of ice, as well as skating too fast, can certainly lead to first kisses.

Theatre – the temple of art

📌 City Centre

An ideal first date can happen in a theatre. A good play can be a great starting point for the romantic night on 14 February, as well as something for the lovers to discuss afterwards. If you are a theatre lover, the repertoire of the oldest Serbian theatre, on 14 February from 5 p.m. and 7 p.m., will include the musical ‘I Am Mileva Marić Einstein’, inspired by the American writer Marie Benedict’s novel ‘The Other Einstein’, directed by Vladimir Velkovski and Ivan Vanja Alač. At the Youth Theatre, from 7 p.m., you can also watch the play ‘While I Feed and Dress You’, directed by Olja Đorđević. And as Isidora Sekulić used to say: ‘Culture enriches people’s souls,’ that’s why the theatre is the centre of power and love.

Author: Gala Gajin
Photo: Vladimir Veličković, Jelena Ivanović

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