The Best Places with Home-Cooked Meals in Novi Sad

In Novi Sad, if you start going through the offer, you can really find anything to eat, but one thing is certain – mom’s kitchen is simply irreplaceable!

However, the fast pace of life, specific working hours, additional responsibilities and many other reasons prevent us from enjoying mom’s food that often. But after reading our little guide, you won’t have an excuse for not eating home-cooked meals anymore.

Lazy Sunday is for PUBeraj

Sunday, also known as the ‘soup, sauce and meat’ day, is a day when it’s really not okay to eat anything except home-cooked meals. However, when you can’t make it to your mom’s or when she simply wants to rest, the Puberaj crew and their lazy Sunday menu is here (12 Laze Telečkog Street)! Every Sunday, from 12 to 4 p.m., from sarma, to delicious meat and mashed potatoes all the way to desserts (because what’s a Sunday without a dessert), you can eat as if you were at your mom’s or grandma’s, and always at the same price. However, don’t forget that you can enjoy the delicious food of Paberaj any day of the week, be it eggs for breakfast, burgers, tortillas, rich salads or cakes. They also offer delivery services, so you can always order something too.


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Gusan’s choice is beans or goulash

When you want to eat tasty beans or goulash in Novi Sad, then head to Zmaj Jovina Street, passage no. 4, and when you see plaid tablecloths, you’ve arrived! In the pub/restaurant called Gusan, there’s no dilemma over what to eat, and it’s only appropriate that you order a cabbage salad to go with goulash! There are also tripes your stomach will be very pleased about, as well as a great veal soup and various types of meat, burgers, sandwiches and tortillas. They also do delivery, so don’t wait too long because we can tell you for sure that beans sell out pretty fast!


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It’s easy as pie to have a cheat day during Sunday time

When you walk down Jevrejska Street, you cannot not be hungry, since the ‘Greda’ pub/restaurant (sr. Kafana Greda) waits for you at number 26! It offers warmth that taverns across Vojvodina have, and the tables are never empty thanks to numerous home-cooked specialties! Meatballs with sauce, stuffed bell peppers, mlinci, let your imagination run wild, or rather, your stomach. They, too, do delivery. And when ordering your food, make sure you order some dessert such as a poppy seed strudel or gomboca (it’s a fried dumpling filled with jam).


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Something’s simmering in the kitchen

In the vicinity of Riblja pijaca (en. Fish Market), in Podbara, there is Kujnica (en. a small kitchen) located in 9 Daničićeva Street. Modelled on the concept of fast food, this modern idea allowed for home-cooked meals to be even more accessible. Schnitzel and stew, chicken drumstick and thigh, fried chicken breast, spinach, mashed potatoes, Wiener schnitzel, beans, peas – odours of a good old kitchen. They’re open until 7 p.m., waiting for you to either eat in or take away. And don’t even think of leaving the place without ‘pita zeljanica’ (en. pie with cheese and spinach) or cherry pie!


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Ladle up

A home-made dish can’t do without a ladle. That’s why in the old town of Novi Sad (2 Maksima Gorkog Street), various specialties are being cooked in the Ladle Bar (sr. Kutlača bar). Beef stew with a side dish, moussaka with potatoes and ground meat – you can eat in or take away, whichever is easier for you. They, too, offer delivery services, just make sure you don’t forget their ‘dessert in a cup!’


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When you feel like eating fish stew, head to čarda

If you want to eat fish on a Sunday, just go to the Danube! The Fish čarda (csárda) on Fisherman’s Island will attract your attention with the odours of delicious fish stew, which warms you in the winter and lets you enjoy a day on the terrace next to the river in the summer.

Author: Milana Milovanov

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