Places for Children in Novi Sad: Creativity, Education, Fun and Adventure

These places in Novi Sad are the favourite locations for many children.

‘Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once they grow up,’ said the great Picasso. Children express their experience and knowledge in the most different creative ways from an early age, and exploration of the world becomes a real adventure. During children’s burst of enthusiasm for research, parents often have to find ways to fill their time with fun, educational and creative activities.

We present the six children’s corners in Novi Sad your child would not want to leave.

Novi Sad parks – green oases for children

Physical activity – one of the biggest and most important factors when it comes to growing up. People have always been talking about its importance, but yet, it seems that children spend their time in front of computers and TVs more than ever. In order to considerably reduce the time spent in front of a screen, we advise you to enjoy every moment with your child in the Liman Park. The greatest Novi Sad gem in Liman – Liman Park, presents a real oasis of peace and beauty. In addition to big children’s playground adjusted to psychomotor development of children 2-5 years of age, even up to 12 years of age, born researchers have a chance to experience the zip-line, as well as the skate park recently adapted for children. Moreover, a wide area of the park gives children an opportunity for diverse types of games, making a ball an inevitable prop for playing. Peers who play 3×3 basketball on basketball courts can always set a good example! During the year, a lot of manifestations such as Novi Sad dawn, Chinese light festival, ‘Tastes of Vojvodina’ gastronomy festival and many others are being held in this very park, which has always been the right place for both children and adults.

Walking down the old Novi Sad Street in the Museum of Vojvodina

During the breaks between physical activities, take your child to the so-called ‘the old Novi Sad Street adventure’ located in the Museum of Vojvodina. Within the permanent exhibition, a street in Vojvodina in the first decades of the 20th century is being presented. Authentic pieces as well as the appearance of the street itself lead the visitors to some old times. Having in mind that the part of the exhibition is related to the agricultural history of this region, we have a chance to see how the manufacture developed, including toy manufacturing. Your children will have a chance to see how toys used to look like. Did you know that a golden era of handmade toys in the cities in Vojvodina was in the first half of the 19th century? If you find this adventure interesting, the Museum of Vojvodina is the place for you and your researchers.

Theatre and its different world

Since the theatre influences the imagination development as well as the perception of the world, the Youth Theatre is the place for the whole family. The theatre can truly be an escape from screens. The Snow Queen (Sr. Snežna Kraljica), Jožo the Hedgehog (Sr. Ježić Jožo), Beauty and the Beast (Sr. Lepotica i Zver), Invention of Flying (Sr. Kako je Otkriveno Letenje), Who Said Meow? (Sr. Ko je Rekao Mjau?) are some of the plays that will take your child to a different world, the world of magic and dreams. Moreover, taking your child to the theatre, a place where children smile and enjoy themselves, is a great way to make them familiar with terms of culture, education, and good behaviour. In this manner, we form a habit to visit cultural events and become the future regular visitors of artistic events. If you like the idea, see the repertoire of the Youth Theatre.

One of the most beautiful children’s festivals in Serbia is the Zmaj Children’s Games, organised by the International Literature Centre for Children. It is being held every year in June, while the main idea of the festival is to gather writers, illustrators, critics, publishers, and readers of children’s literature. At the same time, the festival networks libraries, cultural centres, museums, theatres, student and pupil organisations, non-formal associations, educational institutions and institutions of social and healthcare protection. The centre supports artistic creation of children and youth while encouraging cultural needs and developing the creative potential of young people. It also contributes to the involvement of citizens in the cultural life of the city.

Adventure on ice

Weekends are the best time for skating. There is nothing better than seeing a panting, happy child with rosy cheeks who runs through the ice rink of SPENS. Instructors say that three-year-olds can start skating and get their first ice skates. At this age, children feel free and potential falls will not scare them. Skating has a good influence on the agility and reflexes of a child. They become aware of their movement, and it has a good influence on their posture as well. According to experts, this graceful sport can eliminate the consequences of sitting all day in an efficient way. Check the ice skating timeslots here.

The Mlin Cultural Station for all ages

The Mlin Cultural Station, which fosters cultural values, is a place that offers a carefree childhood to the youngest citizens of Novi Sad. Your children can participate in diverse artistic-educational workshops, theatre programme, unforgettable music journeys in Radnička Street no. 20, in the building of the Novi Sad Children’s Cultural Centre. With its programmes, the Novi Sad Children’s Cultural Centre, i.e. the Mlin Cultural Station, encourages children and youth to develop creative thinking and awareness that they can come up with new ideas they will express through visual and digital world. You can find further information about programmes and workshops here.

Another manifestation that the youngest citizens of Novi Sad are looking forward to every year is Raspustilište, organised by the Novi Sad Children’s Cultural Centre. The aim of this manifestation is a quality free time during the vacation, as well as extracurricular education in the process of making and using culture and creating a new audience through the process of developing emotional intelligence and abilities of children.

Adrenaline in Wonderland

You can enjoy an experience beyond words with your children in the ‘Wonderland’ adrenaline park. It is a place of excitement, physical activity, concentration and fun, and you can help your child overcome different types of fear in a safe way. Eight low barriers and a baby zip-line for children 140cm tall, are spread across 1000m2, and there are even more than 17 barriers for adults. An artificial rock and a treehouse are available to climbers of all ages. Children should not be younger than 3 years old. Members of the only adrenaline park in Vojvodina said that children learn how to overcome obstacles, therefore developing fine motor skills, which is important for the development of intellectual and emotional skills. Creating self-confidence and eliminating fear – one of the most important tasks for the parents.

In addition to children, adults can enjoy this adrenaline park as well. Team buildings as well as birthday celebrations are being organised here. If you wish to embark on an adventure called ‘Wonderland’, find more information here.

Author: Gala Gajin
Photo: Jelena Ivanović, Vladimir Veličković

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