Fruška Gora

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Fruška Gora

Until ninety million years ago, Fruška Gora was just an island in the mythical Pannonian Sea, and today it is the only mountain in Vojvodina and one of the most developed tourist destinations in our country.

Fruška Gora is the oldest national park in Serbia, founded in 1960, and an area known for beautiful deciduous forests, various hiking trails, vineyards and wine cellars, and rich cultural and historical heritage.  Furthermore, it consists of 17 Orthodox monasteries. That is why this Pannonian beauty is called the Serbian Athos. The Romans called it Alma Mons, meaning the ‘fertile mount’.

Due to the numerous picnic areas, the highest parts of Fruška Gora are both the most visited and the most attractive to visitors to this mountain and nature lovers. Its highest peak is Crveni Čot at 539 m (1,768 ft). The Vrdnik Spa is located on one of the mountain edges, where a modern wellness centre for rehabilitation and recreation has been built on the springs of thermo-mineral water.

Fruška Gora boasts beautiful viewpoints, which we recommend visiting if you go to this national park.