The Streets of Novi Sad: Grozde Gajišin

This is a small street in the very centre of the city every citizen of Novi Sad walked at least once, but even those who pass it by every day might not know its name or the woman this one-way cosy street bears the name of.

The only way you can enter Grozde Gajišin Street is through Pašićeva Street. There, you find the street name sign with the name of one of the many brave and important women Novi Sad is proud of written on it.

In order to receive education, Grozda Gajišin came to Novi Sad from Žabljak. In the summer of 1941, she joined the Young Communist League of Yugoslavia (SKOJ). However, as early as that same year, Grozda was arrested with her friend for destroying a German bookshop. She was tortured in a prison in Novi Sad and then transported to a prison in Szeged, where she was murdered.

Even though she died at age 21, Grozda stood shoulder to shoulder with many brave women that became part of our city’s rich history. For that, Novi Sad is deeply indebted to them.

The street in which Grozda Gajišin lived during her stay in Novi Sad, changed its name several times. Today, it bears Grozda’s name and reminds us of her short but brave life.

Author: Milana Milovanov
Photo: Uroš Dožić

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