Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Novi Sad: Tasty and Healthy Specialities

We can finally say that Novi Sad, too, offers a wide range of vegan and vegetarian restaurants! The number of vegans and vegetarians is growing – people are changing their diet by eating less meat (or completely cutting it out) and other animal products. Some seek out vegan food out of love for our planet, animals or, simply, for health reasons. Whatever the reason, it’s a noble change that slowly but surely contributes to reducing greenhouse gases and many other problems we face nowadays. And even if you’re not a vegetarian or a vegan, it’s nevertheless a good thing to reduce meat consumption. Maybe you’ll even discover your new favourite dish!

Contrary to popular opinion of meat lovers, vegan food isn’t just veggies and potatoes – quite the opposite, it can be incredibly tasty and nutritious. That’s why we bring you an overview of the best places in Novi Sad where you can try vegan and vegetarian specialities. Here’s an idea – next time, skip burgers and treat yourself to an extraordinary experience of eating in one of the following restaurants. Who knows what you’ll discover!


Ananda is the first vegan restaurant in Serbia, but don’t think that’s Ananda’s only advantage! Here, you can find fresh dishes made from organic fruits and vegetables that the owners either grow themselves or buy from small farmers and food artisans. They have daily menus, from Monday to Saturday, that offer hearty meals for RSD 490 (less than 5 euros). Wednesdays in Ananda are gluten-free, which might be an important piece of information to some. In addition to various stews, soups, salads and other lunch dishes, the restaurant has an amazing offer of sandwiches, vegan pizza and burgers. Of course, there are squeezed juices and sugar-free desserts as well. If you want to maintain a safe distance during the coronavirus pandemic, you can always order food from Ananda via delivery service Donesi. And if you’d rather walk to the restaurant, the address is 51 Petra Drapšina Street.


Another restaurant that proudly carries the epithet of being the first vegan fast-food restaurant in the city, is Rekalibracija! Here, you can find all kinds of food that you like to eat when in a hurry, but vegan. Thus, in Rekalibracija, you can find pizza, burritos, sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, falafels, but potatoes and onion rings as well. Don’t even get us started on shakes and desserts! However, if you’d like to make a healthy base for the delicious food that’s to come after, this restaurant offers a few stews and soups as well. In addition to all this, Rekalibracija sells healthy jar spreads, such as hummus or guacamole. You can even rely on this small restaurant when organising events since it also provides catering services. The address is 42 Jevrejska Street, next to Futoška pijaca (en. Futoška Market).

Vege & Vegan

In the vicinity of Rekalibracija, there’s another precious restaurant: Vege & Vegan. If you are a fan of traditional dishes such as musaka or sarma, but you would like to avoid meat, this is a place for you. Vege & Vegan also have daily menus which are changing every day and which you can find on their Facebook page. Stop by this restaurant when you feel like eating a vegan or a vegetarian home-cooked dish. You’ll find it in 16 Jevrejska Street, across the Synagogue. On days when you’re super busy or simply want to stay inside, Vege & Vegan offers food via delivery service as well. When the weather is nice, you can sit in this restaurant’s cute little backyard!


Bananas found its nest in the very centre of Novi Sad as well as among the vegan offer of the city. It started as a vegan fast-food restaurant that extended its offer over time. Today, you can try some yummy healthy dishes here. Bananas scored extra points for its beautiful modern interior which is as Instagrammable as the food that they serve. You can always check out their affordable daily offers, as they, too, practice daily menus. Lasagna, risotto, beans, pies and stews are only part of what this restaurant has to offer. Don’t forget to try their raw cakes which taste as divine as they look! Bananas is waiting for you in 7 Laze Telečkog Street.

Plant Power

In Plant Power, they like to say that their menu is bursting with health. But with the amount of food as well! Here, you’ll find sandwiches, stews, pizza, but delicious dishes such as vegan scrambled eggs and omelette, main dish salads, smoothies and sweets as well. There’s something for everyone! This family restaurant wants to share its philosophy with you, which goes like this: we are what we consume. No wonder they want to share the tasty vegan food with their fellow citizens, which even the youngest members of their family like to eat (according to their words). Experience the power of plants in 17 Braće Ribnikar Street.


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Don’t forget about…

When you’re hungry but super busy as well, the nearby pastries sure aren’t the healthiest option, but they offer some lent-friendly pies and pastries. When you feel like cooking and being creative, you can find vegan groceries, or even ready meals, in supermarkets and dm-drogerie markt stores across the city. And don’t forget about Novi Sad’s wonderful markets!

Foto: Jelena Ivanović

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