Tanz Platz: Entwining Cultures Through the Art of Movement

The fifth edition of the international festival of contemporary dance Tanz Platz, traditionally organised by the Student Cultural Centre of Novi Sad, took place within the performing arts week of Kaleidoscope of Culture

This year, the centre of events was the renovated space of Fabrika in the Creative District. The audience had a unique opportunity to see dance performances by artists from Serbia, France, Portugal, Hungary and Czech Republic.

Tanz Platz aims at introducing young stakeholders of the European scene as well as tendencies in contemporary dance.

The festival opened with the premiere of the play Assimilate, which explores questions of migrations, intertwining of different cultures, languages and customs. In addition to dance plays, the programme of the festival includes Teen Generator, a workshop for young people that delves into the history of dance and its development during the 20th and at the beginning of the 21st century. 

Tanz Platz, an international festival of contemporary dance, was supported by Aerowaves, European Union’s Creative Europe programme, Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, Provincial Secretariat for Culture, French Institute in Serbia through the Teatroskop programme.

Below are some of the highlighted photos from the festival.

Photo: Vladimir Veličković, Uroš Dožić

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