Mileva, Milutin and Tesla: Doček through the Lens of Three Exhibitions That Celebrate the Greats

Doček in Novi Sad once again this year, for the sixth time, and in the year of the ECoC title, celebrates the unity of diversity in the combination of visual and performing arts. With a rich, genre-diverse music programme on 31 December, as well as great performers who will ‘raise’ the Suburbium to its feet, Doček in Novi Sad will provide all visitors with a dose of contemporary visual art. It is precisely this artistic feature of Doček that represents the uniqueness of this Novi Sad brand, which is becoming more and more recognisable year by year and places Novi Sad highly on the European cultural map. This was confirmed by European awards and nominations for this unique celebration of two New Years. On New Year’s Eve, three spectacular exhibitions await us – Mileva: We Are One Rock followed by Milutin: Time and Universe and Tesla Light Gallery, with which we will complete the story of the greats Mileva Marić, Milutin Milanković and Nikola Tesla in the ECoC finale. Make sure to catch Doček 2023 in Novi Sad!

Mileva: We Are One Rock

The life and importance of the famous scientist with a brilliant mind, Mileva Marić Einstein that is still intriguing and causes conflicting views, will be presented for the first time through the multimedia exhibition Mileva: We Are One Rock, authored by Dušan Jovović, PhD, multimedia artist. Inspired by the brilliant mind of this extraordinary woman, the exhibition will shine on the eve of Doček 2023, in the new area of the City Museum of Novi Sad at Fortress, in the incredibly vast space covering 1,200 m².

Mileva Marić is a beacon of science, culture, and courage, which illuminated a path full of challenges and now every future Mileva can step on it, and we must know that before her it was almost impossible. She was a gifted mathematician and physicist who created everyday side by side with Albert Einstein,’ said Jovović in an interview for Visit Novi Sad.


The main starting point for the creation of this complex exhibit, which poses numerous questions and provides answers were the limited letters which Mileva and Albert sent to each other, Jovović points out. The exhibition consists of a strong visual narrative that will approach the character and work of Mileva Marić Einstein in a striking way, a woman who forever remained in the shadow of her famous husband. It will also reconsider the symbolism of the last name Einstein (one rock). Visitors will have the opportunity to experience this story in a completely innovative way, because the movement of the audience is conditioned by the scenography that makes the space magical.

The exhibition was created through the creative use of the most modern technologies – new media, 3D animations, digital sound, holograms, etc. A large part of the exhibition space of the City Museum of Novi Sad was reconstructed for the purposes of the exhibition and after the ECoC title year, it will remain a legacy to the city. The exclusive partner of the exhibition Mileva: We Are One Rock is Erste Bank Serbia.

Milutin: Time and Universe

We stepped into the European Capital of Culture title year, among other things, with the spectacular exhibition Milutin: Time and Universe, which represents a kind of journey from darkness to light, from chaos to the cosmos, through innovative 3D mapping technology and analogue art elements in the form of sculptures and installations. The multimedia display, inspired by the famous most accurate calendar of the scientist Milutin Milanković, which is also the work of the aforementioned author Dušan Jovović, PhD, attracted a lot of attention from the public throughout this year and is certainly something that should not be missed on New Year’s Eve.

Therefore, we advise you to (re)visit it in Studio M. As this exhibition is also a story about time, which is presented in a somewhat philosophical but magnificent way, it will round off this historic year of the European Capital of Culture title.

In addition to the renowned multimedia artist Jovović, Prof. Aleksandar Petrović, PhD, the author of the narrative of the exhibition is also an exceptional connoisseur of Milanković’s life and work, which he has been studying for more than 50 years.

Tesla Light Gallery

The brilliant minds of the aforementioned scientists Mileva and Milutin will shine through the creations of artist Dušan Jovović, PhD, in the City Museum of Novi Sad and Studio M, and during that time, Tesla Light Gallery will illuminate the Suburbium of the Petrovaradin Fortress. On New Year’s Eve, this baroque town will be transformed into a city of light and energy, thanks to the light show that local, European and international visual artists will prepare for us. We celebrate the great scientist Nikola Tesla and pay tribute to the genius who brought electricity to Novi Sad 131 years ago.

Tesla Light Gallery in the Suburbium brings us a directed light spectacle that will be especially enjoyed by the youngest audience. Light installations and laser and visual projections await us on the pastel façade of the beautiful Suburbium, restored after 300 years thanks to the initiative and implementation of the Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture Foundation. The visual artists we will meet in this way will bring this baroque town to life, and at the same time, they will take care of visual identities and stage effects that will give us a new experience of enjoying the performances of the performers who will entertain us on New Year’s Eve.

This year, the Tesla Light Gallery gathers great artists, including Chida Yasuhiro from Japan, then Pavla Beranova from the Czech Republic, winner of the awards for interactive installations and best lighting design, Dorijan Kolundžija, who runs the ‘Galerija 12’ Future Media Studio, associated with the Museum of the Future in Dubai and SULUV, as well as visual artists Anđelko Popić and Dejan Stojkov, who also lives in the Suburbium.

Make sure to join this unique audio-visual event that you can only experience in the European Capital of Culture. See you at Doček!

Author: Marina Marić

Photo: Vladimi Veličković, Marko Pudić, Promo/ECoC

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