Five Reasons to Visit the ‘Mileva: We Are One Rock’ Exhibition

A scientist with a brilliant mind, Mileva Marić Einstein, is an unrecognized genius and a woman who remained in the shadow of her husband Albert in the world of science. However, we still do not know enough about her life and work today, which is why her image served as an inspiration to Dušan Jovović, PhD, a multimedia artist, to create an interactive multimedia exhibition Mileva: We Are One Rock , never seen before in these areas, and which crowned the ECoC title year. The exhibition was opened on New Year’s Eve, when it attracted enormous public attention. We invite you to visit the City Museum of Novi Sad at the Petrovaradin Fortress, discover its scientific significance and find out who Mileva actually was. We bring you five reasons to visit the spectacular exhibition that covers an incredible 1,200 square metres.

#1 Peek Into the Brilliant Mind of a Genius Scientist

For the first time in Novi Sad, the international and local audience has the opportunity to see an interactive exhibition in the City Museum of Novi Sad, at the Petrovaradin Fortress, but also to get a unique picture of the life and importance of Mileva, through the artistic prism of the author Dušan Jovović, PhD, a renowned multimedia artist. The artist found inspiration for the exhibition in the inexhaustible letters left behind by Albert and Mileva. Therefore, let us try together to find the answer why Mileva put the success of her husband Albert Einstein before her own, as well as what kind of relationship these two genius scientists had.

#2 New Media on 1,200 Square Metres

The exhibition Mileva: We Are One Rock is a multimedia installation that puts visitors in the very centre of the action and takes them out of the standard passive role. Using the most modern technologies, new media, 3D animations, digital sound, holograms with which Mileva Marić addresses the audience, as well as the classical artistic language, the exhibition on the incredible 1,200 square metres of the renovated part of the City Museum speaks with great symbolism about Mileva’s public and private life. Passing through 12 light and dark parts of the exhibition, you will get to know the true image of this mysterious woman with a brilliant mind.

#3 Spin the Pedals of the White Bicycle

In the first room of the unusual installation, the central place is occupied by a white bicycle, which was an important part of the life of this scientist who had difficulty moving due to her short left leg. When you sit on it and spin the pedals, ‘Mileva’s perspective’ opens before you. Special technology will allow you to immerse yourself in ancient times and learn more about the fate, character and work of the scientist.

dr Dušan Jovović

#4 Discover the Secret Room

Peek into the secret room and discover the fate of Mileva and her illegitimate child with Albert, whom she gave birth to in her parents’ house in Novi Sad in January 1902, far from the public eye, and whom Albert never met. The exhibition will show you why Mileva, at the age of 27, with an unfinished university and an illegitimate child, felt like a shame for the family.

#5 Enter the Unique Firefly Room

If you visited the Time and Universe exhibition by the same author, let us remind you, the bearer of time was a bee, at Mileva it is a firefly. It was the author of the exhibition who dedicated one of the rooms in the Museum to the moment when Mileva watched the choreography of fireflies above Titelski Breg.

You can see the exhibition every day except Monday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The exclusive partner of the ‘Mileva: We Are One Rock’ exhibition is Erste Bank.

Photo: Vladimir Veličković

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