District: A Creative Drive Now and Then

Residents of Novi Sad consider the renewal of the District art quarter as one of the most significant changes after receiving the European Capital of Culture title, according to research by independent evaluators. Novi Sad has once again confirmed its reputation as an urban city, thus it stands out more and more through the development of an alternative art scene.

The former rich industrial heritage of Novi Sad, consisting of factories for the production of tools on 11,000 square metres, thanks to the European Capital of Culture title, have been restored and transformed into places for the ‘production’ of culture. Following the example of numerous European cities, Novi Sad followed a positive example of renovation and repurposing of abandoned industrial spaces. Novi Sad’s factories are now working on a creative drive, and the renewed District in the title year was teeming with various cultural events, gathering lovers of all types of art.

The centre of contemporary creativity is a space not only for holding cultural events, but also a renovated home for numerous local artists and cultural organizations. The transformation of the formerly neglected Chinatown began a few years ago, and today, after the historic ECoC title year, the District has remained as a permanent legacy and an urban neighbourhood that will continue to bring culture to all of us.

Photo: Vladimir Veličković, Jelena Ivanović, Filip Petronijević, Jovana Semiz

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