Novi Sad and Suba: The UNESCO City Dedicates a Sculpture to Its UNESCO Artist

Novi Sad, the city that was on the prestigious UNESCO list in the category of digital and new media, is dedicating a contemporary sculpture to one of its most innovative artists, Mitar Subotić Suba, also a UNESCO award winner.

Mitar Subotić Suba was one of the biggest and most recognized musicians, producers and pioneers of electronic music in this part of Europe, as well as in Latin America. He composed music for films, theatre plays, ballet, television shows, commercials, and credits for Radio Novi Sad. He received the UNESCO Fund for the Promotion of Culture Award. He collaborated with some of the most important names of the Yugoslav and Latin American music scene, such as Milan Mladenović, Marina Perazić, Masimo Savić, João Donato, Bebel Gilberto, Haustor and La Strada bands, and many others.

‘With four of the most prestigious European and world titles in the field of culture, Novi Sad is one of the few European cities with such an achievement. However, raising a contemporary sculpture to the pioneer of electronic music not only further distinguishes it, but also points to two important things. The first one, that through all these recognitions, our city began to celebrate hitherto insufficiently distinguished great people in the field of culture and science, such as Mileva Marić Einstein, Milica Stojadinović Srpkinja, Milutin Milanković and others. And the second, that Serbian Athens supports and knows how to value contemporary creativity. It will turn out that Mitar Subotić Suba, one of very few winners of the UNESCO award, once again confirmed that he was a visionary and forerunner even to the declaration of Novi Sad as a UNESCO Creative City in the field of new and digital media, creating an unbreakable bond with it. Suba’s Plateau with a gallery of masts and a sculpture dedicated to an excellent Novi Sad artist is the best way to be proud of that fact,’ said Nemanja Milenković, CEO of the ‘Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture’ Foundation.

Milan Kulić, the author of the conceptual solution and the winner of the sculpture-architecture call for the creation of the sculpture, presented the energy of Suba’s creativity with his minimalist work, inspired by the simplicity and layered content of his music, which conquered the world. The conceptual solution for the sculpture was selected as part of the call previously announced by the ‘Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture’ Foundation in cooperation with the ‘Mitar Subotić Suba’ Foundation.

The setting of the sculpture completes the story of another legacy of the European Capital of Culture project, the Suba’s Plateau, at the very entrance to Liman Park, where the first open-air gallery in Novi Sad was set up during the title year, thus starting a new practice of exhibiting artistic flags.

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