December in Novi Sad: Events Not to Miss This Month

The last month of the year is upon us, and it brings Doček and other cultural programmes along. December in Novi Sad is full of interesting events that are worth visiting, so we bring you suggestions for all ages that will warm you up during cold, winter days. Let us go on the journey of art, and regularly follow our calendar on the website to stay up to date with all the happenings. Surrender to the holiday magic in (our) city of art!

Doček Is…

The festive mood is already in the air, and one of the legacies of the European Capital of Culture title, which has already established itself among the people of Novi Sad and visitors to this city, is Doček. The artistic celebration for which the city is preparing for the seventh time, and which is recognized as a European Trend Brand in culture, promises to exceed expectations this year as well. Doček is an artistic celebration of two New Years, two time calculations and two alphabets, but also of different artistic expressions and interculturality of Novi Sad. At this unforgettable event, on 31 December in the Suburbium, everyone will celebrate the transition to the year 2024 together. At Doček 7532, which will take place on 13 January at several locations around the city, you will also be part of this unique artistic story that celebrates Novi Sad, culture and unity. The programme will soon be published on the official website of Doček.

A holiday fairy tale

The holiday festival Zimzolend  revived the Liberty Square, so we invite you to visit it until 26 December and experience a Christmas fairy tale in the city’s main square, where a variety of scents and a wealth of content come together. The winter magic will be completed by magical lighting, delicious food, carriages and cinnamon cakes, while a cup of warm mulled wine will warm you up in these cold December days. Stop by the Singing Christmas Tree, which comes alive every evening with the gentle voices of children in choral renditions of Christmas carols. Local bands will further enhance the atmosphere on the central stage, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a varied music programme.

The festive atmosphere will be completed by Christmas Magic on the plateau in front of SC Promenada, where for the third year in a row you can try the most delicious homemade strudels and other delicacies. Little ones will especially look forward to the New Year’s carousel, which attracts attention at every turn. Christmas Magic opens on 1 December and will run until 10 January.

For skating fans, the Danube Park becomes a real holiday fairy tale from 15 December, when the Ice Forest opens. A month of skating under the stars awaits you, accompanied with the holiday spirit at every turn.

Current exhibitions in the city

In a city that lives culture, art is omnipresent, so we strongly recommend that you take the time to discover current exhibitions all over the city by yourself, with friends or family. Head from the Liman Park towards the District, where your gaze will certainly stop at the sculpture dedicated to Mitar Subotić Suba, the pioneer of electronic music in this area. 

Afterwards head to the District, where, in addition to the permanent exhibition Spirit of Place – A Century of the District, which represents the turbulent one-hundred-year history of the former industrial complex, the Ultano-Strukturalno exhibition, by Atelje 61, awaits you until 8 December, as well as the  Avatarizacija exhibition, also implemented by Atelje 61 until 12 December.

Continue along the quay to the Varadin Bridge, where you can choose between a visit to the Petrovaradin Fortress and the multimedia exhibition Mileva: We Are One Rock in the City Museum of Novi Sad, or to continue your art journey towards the centre, where other great exhibitions await you.

Did you know that the Gallery of Matica Srpska houses a work by the famous Gustav Klimt? Paja Jovanović and Gustav Klimt. One Epoch, Two Artists, Three Museums lists three female portraits from three prestigious museums: Gallery of Matica Srpska, Art and History Museum in Vienna and Belvedere Gallery. Curated tours are organized on weekends at 5 p.m. Don not miss the exhibition  Pomorišac – Vasa Pomorišac, which will reveal his classic art through the modern perspective, and expert guides are planned on weekends at 1 p.m.

In the Theatre

The Serbian National Theatre

December in Novi Sad is not complete without the traditional ballet The Nutcracker in the oldest Serbian theatre. Performances at the Serbian National Theatre are scheduled for 1, 2, 5, 21, 23, 26 and 27 December, and in addition to this ballet spectacle, enjoy the traditional December concert in honour of Astor Piazzola – Piazzola Tango Project on 27 December. Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of the Vojvodina Symphony Orchestra on 28 December, on the Jovan Đorđević stage, and at the end of December experience the magic of the New Year’s Rock Opera Show, which will take place on 29, 30 and 31 December.

In addition to the New Year’s events, let the play Reunification of the Two Koreas, 4 and 20 December, take you through unforgettable moments, with a prior recommendation to secure your tickets on time. The popular Branko Đurić Đura, with his monodrama  Đurologija, will perform on 8 December. Do not miss Kokan Mladenović’s play,  Once Upon A Time There Was A Country, which is on the repertoire on 11, 12 and 13 December. The lovers of poetic-musical cabaret can enjoy the Čeznem Da Vam Kažem on 12 December, while fans of the legendary Swedish group Abba will enjoy the most famous hits at the Abba Symphonic Real Tribute Show on 15 December. The great Tijana Bogićević  is performing in this theatre on 22 December, and for a dose of laughter and fantastic entertainment, be sure to reserve your seat for Andrija Milošević’s monodrama Idem Putem Pa Zagrlim Drvo, which will entertain you on 25 December.

Youth Theatre:

The Youth Theatre always fills the December repertoire with wonderful children’s plays, and we advise you to take the little ones to see Beauty and the Beast on 1 and 2 December, then New Year’s Rock and Roll for Children (17, 23 and 24 December), or delight them with the Snow Queen play (21,22 and 28 December). For adults, we recommend Kesić Stories and Songs on 1 December, followed by the Claustrophobic Comedy, a guest appearance by Zvezdara Teatar on 7 December, Once Upon a Time in Brijuni, which will be performed by Bitef Teatar on 14 December, and the Lepa Brena Project on 16 December.

The Novi Sad Theatre:

The Novi Sad Theatre always has great plays in its repertoire, and our recommendation for this December is the Márta Béres One-girl Show, which will be performed in Serbian, on 1 December. Do not miss the play about the famous, prematurely deceased Serbian and Yugoslav actress – Wo Plays Sonja Savić, which will be performed on 9 December, but also the Peace Negotiations, which are on the repertoire on 13 December.

You can find the complete repertoire of all theatres on the official websites.

Rhythm of A Good Sound

While we wait for Christmas, December in Novi Sad brings a musical spectacle at various locations. We have selected for you some of the great concerts that will surely enrich your holiday experience. First of all, we recommend that you visit some of the New Year’s performances within the cycle of Christmas-New Year’s concerts, which are held in the Synagogue. Do not miss the Savaria Baroque Orchestra (14 December), then Rachmaninoff  Concert For Two Pianos (15 December), the Beltango Quintet (18 December), the performance of Amira Medunjanin and Vojvodina Symphony Orchestra (22 and 23 December), as well as the Tango Ensemble Libercuatro  (26 December). 

An energetic performance by the punk band from Kragujevac KBO!   awaits you in the District on 7 December, while Električni Orgazam will give you a musical treat on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of their third album on the same day at Dom Kulture. Partying at the great Jugoslovenka party is inevitable this December 8, at Dom Kulture, and if you are a fan of hip-hop, visit the concert by the Osijek band Krankšvester, which will held with Sajsi MC in Hall 2 of the Novi Sad Fair on the same day. The next day, 9 December, the Goblini are waiting for you at the same place, and at the same time Nenormalni will perform at Spens, who will play the music of Vlada Divljan and Haustor.

Fabrika in the District will host the Belgrade band Eyesburn on 15 December, while at the same time, Hall 2 at the Fair will be the scene of the good sound of the band Ritam Nereda. One of the favourite bands among the Novi Sad audience – Letu Štuke, will perform at Dom Kulture on 21 December, while the Green Love festival with Jay Lumen, Lea Dobričić and Miloš Vujović will bring a real dose of energy on 29 December in Hall 2 at the Fair. The final warm-up for Doček will be provided by the Fit band, which will perform in Fabrika on 30 December on the occasion of its 40th anniversary.

Novi Sad for the Youngest

December in Novi Sad brings magic especially intended for the youngest, making the festive period even more exciting. Walk with the little ones through the city decorated with lights and enjoy all the charms that the festive environment offers. But let the joy of winter magic not only be in walking – take part in some winter activities such as ice skating or visit one of the events that will enrich their experience and educate them at the same time.

Head for the City Concert Hall on 3 December, where the little ones will be able to enjoy the children’s rock concert of the 90 Veličanstvenih,, but also to the Carnival of Animals, where you will give the little ones the opportunity to get to know the classics. The Vojvodina Symphony Orchestra, in cooperation with the Musical Youth of Novi Sad, will prepare a programme for children in the Synagogue on Friday, 15 December, at noon, performing one of the most famous works of classical music dedicated to children.

Introduce children to the magical world of stories at Čitanjac, a reading workshop that takes place every Saturday at 11 a.m. at Bulevar Books – a bookstore that plays music. At the same time, creative workshops for the youngest are being held in the Gallery of Matica Srpska, and you can check the programme for this month HERE. Every Sunday from 11 a.m., visit Zenit bookstore, where great workshops are held as part of Zenit’s Kids Club – a place where children will enjoy, while you can drink delicious coffee and tea and relax.

In the epicentre of holiday bazaars

The Fish Market in the heart of Novi Sad traditionally turns into an exciting Night Bazaar on the first Friday of every month, and this December we have the opportunity to enjoy two editions – 1 and 29 December. This irresistible event not only brings us authentic local food, deli, wine and beer, but also gives us the opportunity to step into the world of unique handicrafts that are created by entrepreneurs from Novi Sad and the surrounding area. Fenseraj Ukusa, another favourite meeting place for lovers of quality local products, awaits us on 30 December at Detelinara market. In addition to this, on 2 and 3 December, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., indulge in sweets at SC BIG  Slatki Svet event, which will be equally enjoyed by the little ones and the slightly older ones. December in Novi Sad thus becomes an irresistible adventure, giving you the opportunity to explore these interesting places, meet talented creators and experience the spirit of the city in a completely unique way. Do not miss the opportunity to indulge in the charms of these events and enjoy all the benefits that the holiday month can offer.

Author: Marina Marić

Photo: Promo, Vladimir Veličković

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