Who are we listening to in District for Doček 7532?

The Novi Sad Doček, as a unique artistic celebration of two New Years, is a brand that has brought Novi Sad prestigious recognitions and awards, contributed to the city’s tourism, made an artistic and production breakthrough and hosted some of the biggest world and local names in performing and visual arts. The specificity of the event in a multicultural city is reflected in its duality, and for seven years in a row, the residents of Novi Sad and tourists have been celebrating Doček as a transition from one year to another, on 31 December and 13 January. After the excellent programme that will be implemented in the Suburbium of the Petrovaradin Fortress, with which we will step into 2024, the celebration of the year 7532 awaits us, at almost 40 locations in the city, among which is the new centre of contemporary creativity – the District.

We present the music programme of Doček 7532 in the renovated District, where the sounds of young local performers, as well as already recognizable names in the world of electronic music, will echo in the SCCNS Fabrika and Proizvodnja facility. Great musical energy and new trends will start the drives in the District in Liman, the former industrial complex and now artistic district of Novi Sad.

Proizvodnja / Doček 7532

The programme in Proizvodnja in the District starts at 9 p.m., when several young musicians from different genres of the local scene will take turns on stage until after midnight. In cooperation with the Serbia Creates platform, Zhiva, Keni Nije Mrtav, KOIKOI, and Rouzi & Jowam will perform.  

Zhiva, Keni Nije Mrtav, KOIKOI, Rouzi & Jowam / District, Proizvodnja / 9 p.m. / TICKETS

Zhiva / 9 p.m. – 9.40 p.m.
Keni Nije Mrtav / 9.55 p.m. – 10.40 p.m.
KOIKOI / 10.55 p.m. – 11.40 p.m.
Rouzi & Jowam / 11.50 p.m.– 12.40 a.m.

Iva Pažin’s ZHIVA made a breakthrough on the local scene with the release of her debut album Preterujem in November 2023, for Glitch Records, which stands out for its dedication to mental health. Along with her, the Novi Sad audience will be entertained by the attractive stage band Keni Nije Mrtav, which turns the stage into a performance with its galloping riffs. On this occasion, we will hear their new single Telo as well as other hits with which they will open the new concert season for 2024 at Doček in Novi Sad. 

Proizvodnja in the District will host the band KOIKOI with their unstoppable energy, which captivates the audience with its high-octane performances. KOIKOI was nominated by ESNS for the Music Moves Europe Award 2023 as one of the 15 most promising bands in Europe.

The Novi Sad audience will also be presented at Doček by Rouzi, who with his unique musical expression has definitely become one of the favourites of the new audience, which is also confirmed by the virality of his single Jao Mama!, which he recorded in collaboration with Cobi. Along with Rouzi, the youngest Belgrade rapper Jowam, who drew the public’s attention with his collaboration on the song Malo Tiše, takes the stage.

SCCNS Fabrika / Doček 7532

Just an hour later, at 10 p.m., the programme at SCCNS Fabrika begins, where visitors will be welcomed by DJ Matthew Johnson, who is coming straight from the world’s popular clubs to Doček 7532 in Novi Sad. He is joined by the most successful Serbian DJ Marko Nastić and one of the founders of the local techno scene. Popular Novi Sad DJs Runy and 2MUCH will provide support at the DJ table.

Mathew Jonson Live + Marko Nastić +2MUCH + Runy / SCCNS Fabrika / 10 p.m. / TICKETS

During seven years, Doček managed to position itself strongly on the European map, which contributed to the fact that, as a celebration created within the ’Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture’ project, it won prestigious awards – the Melina Mercouri Prize for one of the most successful European Capitals of Culture and the award for the Best European Trend Brand in the field of culture. We should not leave out the prestigious UNESCO List of Creative Cities that Novi Sad was on, as well as the fact that it was Doček that was twice nominated for the Best European Festivals.

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