Keni Nije Mrtav: The Audience Will Enjoy a Wide Spectrum of Experience

Doček 7532 in the District brings us an explosion of great music by young talents, and one of the bands that is guaranteed to heat up the atmosphere in Proizvodnja on 13 January is the band Keni Nije Mrtav! In cooperation with the Serbia Creates platform, the artistic celebration in the District will also be marked by unusual performances by the KoikoiZhiva, Rouzi & Jowam, who will appear on the same stage. The programme starts at 9 p.m., and you can read below what we talked about with the members of the Keni Nije Mrtav band, who will take the stage at 9:55 p.m., right after the performance of the artist Iva Pažin, better known as Zhiva.

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On the Serbian music scene, the band Keni nije Mrtav stands out as one of the most attractive concert performers. With their galloping riffs, this energetic guitar trio turns the stage into a show for all the senses, and the concert spaces into a spectrum of emotions and energy. At the end of the concert season, Keni began their musical journey with the seductive single Telo. The hit quickly won the hearts of fans, becoming an indispensable part of their playlists. The band additionally spiced up the year 2023 with three new singles, expanding their influence on the local scene, and near the end of the year they released another single – Savršen Greh. They will open the concert season for 2024 at Doček.

What is the band Keni Nije Mrtav preparing for us in the District?

Beautiful and formal suits, lots of smiles from the stage. We can’t wait to perform new songs as well. This time, the format in which Keni performs is different – we will multiply the energy and emotions with great performers, so the audience will really enjoy the whole spectrum of experiences.

Last year was very successful for you, and when we look back, you can boast of a large number of performances. Are you ready to start this year with new creative energy? Is the album coming?

We had a lot of performances during last year, but it didn’t disturb our creative processes. Such a system obviously suits us, because we have learned to use time. As for 2024, we have to be ready. January is a completely new challenge for us – a song for Eurovision, micro and macro preparations for the song Dijamanti, three new songs for our second studio album, as well as three concert performances, one of which is Doček 7532.

What kind of relationship do you have with the audience at concerts, how would you describe the interaction and how important is it to you?

Keni on stage is ‘meant to be’ – a combination of everything that makes music such an important driving force of the planet, and a combination of everything that modern times bring us. We have had many performances, contact with the audience is an irreplaceable organic experience of music.

The space where you will hold the concert, in the District, has been renovated thanks to the project and the title of the European Capital of Culture. How do you see the fact that Novi Sad got a space for an alternative art scene that was transformed from a former industrial complex?

Creative industries are the industries of modern times – it is great that they are established and located where earlier productions originated. Likewise, some future period will mark some new industrial epoch, but at the moment we can only guess what the District will be in 50 years from now.

What does your creative process look like and at what point do you know a song is completed?

The creative process always starts from the same point – Mateja does what makes one song to be a song, and then, like a junction, each project finds its own way to become a song. All band members are in an industry where as we work for others, others work for us.

In your opinion, what has been your band’s biggest success and what challenges have you faced as a trio so far?

We haven’t been a trio for years. Keni Nije Mrtav is a whole set of people we rely on. That team is constantly expanding, and already the first days of 2024 brought us a new pulse in the band and we have to admit that we are really happy about it. It could be said that our greatest success is the way we function as a band.

Author: Marina Marić

Photo: Pero Arsenijević

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