Sweet Temptation in Novi Sad: Favourite Cake Shops and Their Irresistible Desserts

Today, we take you to the locations of pastry and cake shops in Novi Sad!

If you are among the (un)fortunate ones who don’t like sweets, feel free to skip this post, or send it to someone who still doesn’t understand your ambivalence towards sweets. If you like to have something sweet after lunch, with coffee, while watching a film or a TV show, with the beloved one, or alone, while suffering from a breakup, with friends, parents…if you are a fan of sweets and you always have some secret stash, and if your hand accidentally reaches for the chocolates in a store, stay with us.

Vremeplov Cake Shop

When you enter Vremeplov (En. Time Machine), you do feel that way. The interior of the cake shop, which is only twenty years old, takes us to the past of a film or an album with photographs of grandparents. Visual experience continues at the sight of cakes, and, since confectioners in Vremeplov are dedicated to quality ingredients and always-fresh desserts, the pleasure awaits to be tasted. This cake shop is a winner of numerous awards and prizes in confectionery, while the famous one is (and the best-selling!) the Mira Banjac cake, a cake made for the actress regarding the jubilee of 80 years of life and 60 years of her career. You can try around eighty different types of cakes here. Sweet temptation!


Let’s move to the present in the West! Kukiccino takes you to American films in which you had a chance to see characters eating cookies, brownies, cheesecakes…as well as salty delicacies such as the famous mac’n’cheese. A young producer called Pivokosa, who you have probably seen on YouTube, runs this sweet cake shop with an open kitchen. As she states on her website, she spent months upgrading her recipes, and she opened the cake shop in order to – eat. We can just welcome the enthusiasm and relate, and since not all of us have the opportunity to open our own cake shops in order to eat, at least we can drop by this place for a brownie.


BakLOVEica is a baklava that fell in love. Or the one that is being loved, or it was made out of love? Although we know the answer to this question, it’s not even that important, since baklavica asks no questions. Baklavica is there to offer its most basic version, then the version with chocolate, black chocolate, with blueberries, apples, poppy seeds, the one resembling Raffaello, or Ferrero Rocher. In the end, baklavica becomes a cake which is only a great-granddaughter niece of the classical baklava, but that doesn’t stop her from being as tasty as her niece, or even more. You can try it in the pastry shop or order a delivery to your home.


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If you wish for an elegant, sophisticated, and above all, delicious tart – head towards Petrovaradin. This cake shop is famous for tarts, and as the name suggests, there are more tarts than you can try even if you visit the cake shop several times. We also suggest Multi-Tarte if you are in search of a great breakfast in Novi Sad. It will cheer up the fans of fruits, as well as those who like creamy versions such as tarts with chestnuts and coconut. For those who like a bit more decadence, there are different types of mousse, as well as the cakes you won’t know whether to dive into immediately or take pictures of them first.


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The cake shop you’ve passed a thousand times, has been located in Novi Sad (although not at the same address) since World War II. If you love tradition, you should definitely go for a boza, lemonade and the cake you ate as a child, after a walk with your parents. The initiative of the owner to hire mostly single mothers deserves special applause, as well as the entrance to the cake shop that has no stairs, which enables everyone to try these ‘European’ cakes. During summertime, stop by to try the ice-cream that is said to be the best in the city – just make sure you don’t mind standing in line.

Slatki Dan

Why shouldn’t every day be a sweet day? The Slatki Dan (En. Sweets Day) crew from Liman gave it a thought and managed to help you deal with the boring and dull daily grind. If you’re often dreaming of Paris, enjoying macaroons or Paris-Breast, a soft pastry with hazelnut cream – this is your address in Novi Sad. They offer choux pastries, profiteroles, puffy, creamy mousses and irresistible pralines. It will truly sweeten your day! However, if your family members are fans of traditional sweets, there’s something for them too – vanilice are just waiting to be eaten.


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What are your favourite sweets?

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