Novi Sad Cathedral: Interesting Facts About the Tallest Symbol of the City

When you type ‘Novi Sad’ in your internet browser, the first photograph that pops up will be the Novi Sad Cathedral, a building that dominates the Liberty Square presents the meeting point and the photoshoot location you shouldn’t miss when visiting Novi Sad.

Although it is the most famous city sight, there are numerous interesting facts about the Cathedral that not many people know.

The famous Cathedral in the city centre is not a cathedral! The Name of Mary Church belongs to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Subotica, whose cathedral is located in Subotica. Those who visit Novi Sad for the first time usually say that they saw the ‘colourful church’ because of the roof covered with colourful tiles, which is the reason why the alternative name for the church stuck.

The Novi Sad symbol has had several lives. It is said that a cemetery and something similar to a church existed in this area in the 11th century, and after that, in the 13th century, the Mongols burned down everything they’d found. The catholic church was built at the beginning of the 18th century and was demolished in 1742. That same year, the church was restored but it was destroyed again during the bombing in 1849.

Although restored, Catholics in Novi Sad were not satisfied with its appearance. Thus, in 1891, the Name of Mary Church we know today was built. Previously, the old church was destroyed, and György Molnár took over the great responsibility of designing it without asking for anything in return. Out of respect for Molnár’s humanity, his bust was placed in the church, which was not usually done if the person wasn’t an ecclesiastic.

The church burned once more and, in 1904, the roof was destroyed. However, it’s a symbol our city is most proud of, and the tallest (52 metres) one as well.

Check the enchanting photos of the Name of Mary Church:

: Leona Pap

Photo: Jelena Ivanović

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