How to Spend Grey Spring Days in Novi Sad?

The cold spring days ahead should not discourage you from getting to know Novi Sad over again, because the city has always something interesting to offer. We bring you some interesting suggestions for activities that will inspire you.

Fans of the written word can spend cold and rainy afternoons in the book-stores Bulevar Books in Mihajla Pupina Boulevard and Zenit Books in Njegoševa Street. It is possible to indulge in reading with a cup of the most delicious coffee or tea, and you can choose some of your favourite titles at affordable prices.

If you are in the mood for a dose of art in motion, we will take you to one of the current exhibitions. Do not miss the permanent exhibitions of the Museum of Vojvodina, and the Gallery of Matica Srpska, where you can see A Quite (Un)Usual Serbian-French Connection Olga Kešeljević and Marc Barbezat,  exhibition, while in the City Museum of Novi Sad, on the other side of the Danube at the Petrovaradin Fortress, a multimedia exhibition Mileva: We Are One Rock , from which you will undoubtedly take away many positive impressions, awaits you.

Deo spektakularne izložbe Mileva: mi smo stena

Take a break from visual art in some of the beautiful pastry shops in Novi Sad, and our choice is the famous Vremeplov, a place that will take you back to the ancient past, and at the same time one of the symbols of Novi Sad. An unmissable treat is the Mira Banjac cake, named after the famous actress. The main ingredient of the delicious cake, which will pamper your senses, is Belgian dark chocolate, so we believe that this is a great way to sweeten your day and your soul. Šećernema is a pastry shop that offers sugar-free cakes, which is a great option for those who avoid it.


You will find an escape from the cold weather and the opportunity to have great fun in one of the Novi Sad cinemas, and we definitely recommend going to the theatre, too. You can follow all the activities and events in Novi Sad on our website calendar.

Perhaps you are in the mood to awaken the artist in yourself in the coming days? If you have not heard about the Slikaj i Cirkaj (En. Painting and Sipping) art workshop, or you have not had the chance to visit it yet, it is a two-hour painting workshop held in an informal atmosphere with wine and a canvas in front of you. No previous experience is required, and  step by step, with the professional guidance, you will paint your first work of art with ease. You can apply for one of the workshops in Novi Sad, which will be held on 6, 10 and 12 Aprilon the link.

Foto: Slikaj i cirkaj

Rainy and cold weather is not an obstacle to being physically active either. Try bowling with family or friends in the Žabac bowling alley, or visit Spens sports and business centre in Novi Sad, which is an excellent option for fans of swimming in the pool, and we also single out the Minaqua complex, with thermal pools, located in Futoški Put.

For those who associate gloomy days with wellness relaxation, visit Atrium Hamam & Spa in the beautiful Pašićeva Street in the centre of Novi Sad and indulge in the Turkish bath. Yet, if you are in the mood for a short escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, our choice is spa activities in Fruške Terme, in the heart of our oldest National Park.

Author: Marina Marić

Photo: Vladimir Veličković

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