May in Novi Sad: Events Not To Miss This Month

May in Novi Sad brings us a variety of activities for everyone, from cultural and sports events to art festivals. Therefore, we invite you to explore the jewels of the city of culture on foot or by bike, and enjoy the increasingly beautiful spring days ahead. Embrace your dose of art, and in order to keep up to date with all the happenings in the city, regularly follow the calendar on our website. We provide you with a handful of ideas for all generations, so let us dedicate this month together to the culture and exciting activities that are available at every turn in our city.

Music Programme

Get started this May with a rich music programme in the city of culture, which begins with a concert by the bands Proto Tip and Sitzpinker on Friday, 5 May, at SCCNS Fabrika, at 9 p.m. At the same time at Dom Kulture, a TROZVUK Party awaits you, which guarantees an exciting time.

Fans of tambura music will be delighted by Zvonko Bogdan  performance at the Serbian National Theatre on 7 May at 8 p.m. If, on the other hand, you are interested in listening live to One Bad Lemon band, who will play the timeless hits of the U2 band at Dom Kulture, mark 12 May in your calendar and enjoy the concert from 9 p.m. The following day, 13 May, dance in the ‘black and white world’ of Davorin Bogović (Prljavo Kazalište) in Dom Kulture at 9 p.m.

In honour of Vlada Divljan, who would have turned 65 this May, (Ne)Normalni & Zdenko Kolar will hold a concert on Friday, 19 May, at SCCNS Fabrika in the District. On this occasion, they will perform songs from Vlada Divljan‘s rich musical career, and part of the repertoire will also include the biggest hits of the Idoli band.

The popular duo from Pančevo, Buč Kesidi, is announcing their biggest concert in Novi Sad so far, at Spens on 20 May at 8 p.m. Their new album comes after the great success of Euforija and a tour that delighted audiences throughout the former Yugoslavia. Zoran and Luka, who make up this pop-rock electro band, will introduce us to another chapter of their work with new singles. Do not miss their concert!

Buč Kesidi u Distriktu

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Heart Core album, the band Eva Braun, from Bečej will perform at Dom Kulture on 26 May at 8 p.m. If you like the songs from this album, the guys from the band guarantee a great time with the songs played in order, just like on the celebrated album.

The band whose music combines jazz, Roma, klezmer and other types of music, Barcelona Gipsy balKan Orchestra, which we listened to as part of the Migration of Souls in the European Capital of Culture title year, decided to delight its fans with another concert in the city of culture. Do not miss their performance and music of exciting rhythm at Spens on 27 May at 9 p.m.

Barcelona Gipsy balKan Orchestra

At the end of the exciting May, two more interesting concerts await you in Novi Sad on the same day, in the District and Dom Kulture. The popular Croatian band Vatra is coming to Novi Sad and Dom Kulture for the first time to play their hits in front of the local audience on Saturday, 27 May, at 8 p.m. A fiery atmosphere awaits you, as announced by the band, so get your tickets on time.

Just an hour later, at 9 p.m., also on 27 May, the Detour band, known for its electro-acoustic pop sound, will perform at SCCNS Fabrika.

Current Exhibitions

This May, take a cultural tour of current exhibitions across the city. Our recommendation is the Mileva: We Are One Rock exhibition. Take a peek into the intimate life of science heroine Mileva Marić Einstein through an interactive exhibition located in the City Museum of Novi Sad at the Petrovaradin Fortress, across the Danube. During the visit, which is open every day except Mondays, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., discover the secrets of the marital relationship of the mathematician who stood beside the great man and her husband Albert Einstein. And we offer you five good reasons to explore all the secrets of the unusual couple.

Deo spektakularne izložbe Mileva: mi smo stena

After crossing the Varadin Bridge, head to the Novi Sad’s Gallery Square in the centre of the city, where two outstanding exhibitions worth your attention await you. In the Gallery of Matica Srpska, until 7 May, you can see the exhibition A Quite (Un)Usual Serbian-French Connection. And on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the birth of Sreten Stojanović, academician, professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade and one of the most famous Yugoslav sculptors of the 20th century, the Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection implements the exhibition A Sculptor Sreten Stojanović and Tactile Spaces, which is open to visitors until 28 May.

In the CCNS Small Art Gallery until May 12, you can see the interesting exhibition of soft sculptures Temori Dolls – Advantages of Existence  by the Novi Sad author Sanja Poštić.

May in Novi Sad brings us the inevitable event  Museums for 10, whose goal is to draw the attention of the general public to the wealth of cultural heritage that Serbia inherits. From 13 to 19 May, the programmes take place throughout the country completely free of charge, mostly children’s programmes, educational workshops, thematic workshops for children and adults, lectures, book promotions, archaeological and ethnological film screenings, concerts and theatre performances. You can read more about the programme in cultural institutions throughout Novi Sad on the official website of the event..

In the Theatre

May in Novi Sad brings us an exciting repertoire in the theatre, and two big festivals await us in the Serbian National Theatre and the Youth Theatre. Get your tickets for the premieres that await us this month in the oldest Serbian theatre, the Serbian National Theatre, and you will enjoy the performance The Last Balkan Vampire on 17 May at 7:30 p.m., and the ballet Coppélia , which will be performed on 20 May at 7 p.m.

Sterijino Pozorje, without which we cannot imagine May in Novi Sad, was established in 1956 as part of the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the birth and 100th anniversary of the death of the great Serbian comedian Jovan Sterija Popović. In anticipation of the 68th festival in a row, we invite you to read the story about the history of Sterijino Pozorje on our website, as well as the programme that we will be implemented from 26 May to 3 June.

The Youth Theatre will be part of the Novi Sad Theatre Festival, an international theatre festival of professional theatres for children and youth, which will take place from 8 to 15 May. The performance that will open the festival and also be performed for the first time, out of competition, is Coraline by the Youth Theatre on 8 May at 7 p.m. You can find all the performances of the Youth Theatre that will take place this month within the festival in the calendar on our website.

The repertoire of the Novi Sad Theatre this month brings us two premieres, and we invite you to see  Putujuće pozorište Šopalović, directed by Margareta Taborosi, which will be performed for the first time on 8 May at 7 pm. Furthermore, do not miss the musical The Paul Street Boys, based on the novel by Molnár Ferenc and directed by Daniel Tot, whose premiere is scheduled for 27 May at 7 p.m.

Cubanero Salsa Festival

When? 25 — 28 May

Allow yourself to indulge in the charms of Cuban music and dancing in a dizzying rhythm at the Cubanero Salsa Festival – the largest and most recognizable salsa festival in this part of Europe. The festival celebrates Cuban music, dance and the culture of Latin American countries in a way that will leave you breathless. With a rich selection of dance and music content, workshops, concerts and performances at several locations in the city, you will have the opportunity to learn the basics of salsa from the best lecturers at free open workshops in the square. During the festival, an entire street in the centre of the city turns into a small Havana – a place where you will hang out, play music, sing and dance, just as it is done on the streets of the capital of Cuba. For more information, visit the official Facebook page of the festival.

Foto: Milan Milojić (Cubanero salsa festival)

Rhythm of Europe

The Victory Day over Fascism on 9 May will also be marked by the Rhythm of Europe event, which will be implemented by the Student Cultural Centre of Novi Sad and will be held in Liman Park and Fabrika. Join the event, which is one of the most recognizable in the region, because it brings a wide range of cultural events. This includes a number of cultural events, from exhibitions, panels, concerts and speaking programmes to concerts. You can find more information about the programme on the official Facebook page of the event.

The Weekend in Novi Sad Is Reserved for the Youngest

The magic of a Saturday morning in Novi Sad begins at the Bulevar Books bookstore, where the youngest can indulge in the charms of Čitanjac. The event takes place every Saturday at 11am, so be sure to bring the little ones to enjoy the fantastic stories. That is not all! For all the creatives, there are educational workshops in the Gallery of Matica Srpska, intended for children aged 5 to 10, which are also held on Saturdays from 11 a.m.You can find more information and a link to register HERE.

On Sundays, Zenit Children’s Club in the Zenit Books café-bookstore is waiting for you and your family. While you drink your favourite coffee, the little ones can have fun in various activities that start at 11 a.m. These weekend activities are a great opportunity to spend time with your family and friends, so do not miss the unique opportunity to relax and have fun together.

Zenit knjižara

Night Bazaar

When? 12 May

Where: Fish Market

The first Friday of the month is always reserved for the Night Bazaar event, which brings the Fish Market to life in a special way, turning it into a true oasis of creativity, culinary, and good music. This time it will be held on 12 May at 6 p.m. at the famous Novi Sad market, and will last until midnight. The Night Bazaar attracts a large number of visitors who enjoy local products and unique handicrafts of entrepreneurs from Novi Sad and the surrounding area. In addition to local food, deli, wine and beer, you can find various souvenirs, clothes and jewellery. Do not miss it!

Tour de Fruška

When? 19 — 21 May

Where: Vrdnik, Fruška Gora

Join the unique three-day event Tour de Fruška, which combines sports, economy and tourism. In addition to MTB races, children’s races and road rides, the event also offers trail running, which you can try if you are physically fit. Along with the Night Bazaar and the presentation of cultural events and sights, the Tour de Fruška is the perfect opportunity to enjoy nature activities, competition and discover the tourist potential of the region. Registration is possible through the official website on the link, where you can get additional information about the event.

Author: Marina Marić

Photo: Photo: Jelena Ivanović, Vladimir Veličković

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