Rouzi: The Most Beautiful Art Is the One You Recognize in Atypical Things

With his unique musical expression, the young artist Rouzi has definitely become one of the favourites of the new audience! This is confirmed by the singles Jao Mama!, which he did in collaboration with Coby, as well as Malo Tiše, in collaboration with the young rapper Jowam. As part of Doček 7532 in the District, we will listen to Rouzi together with Jowam on stage in Proizvodnja, when he will perform from 11:50 p.m., in cooperation with the Serbia Creates platform. Their performance will be preceded by concerts of bands Keni Nije MrtavKOIKOI, and artist Zhiva, which will start at 9 p.m.

The young artist has performed throughout the region over the past year, and his and Coby’s single Jao Mama! has tens of thousands of views across Tiktok as well as trending across all music platforms. He will start the new successful year with a performance at Doček! Tickets are available at GigsTix ticket offices and online, and below, read what we talked about with this young Serbian rapper.

We remind you that the promotional price (for every ticket purchased, you get one as a gift) is still valid at the GigsTix office in Pariski Magazin.

You will be performing as part of Doček 7532 in Proizvodnja in the District. What can the Novi Sad audience expect on this occasion?

You can always expect good energy from me, performances are the only opportunity for people to feel my music at least as much as I feel it, and I adore my music.

The space where you will hold the concert, in the District, has been renovated thanks to the project and the title of the European Capital of Culture. How do you see the fact that Novi Sad got a space for an alternative art scene that was transformed from a former industrial complex?

Honestly, really cool. I like any idea that promotes some alternative movement. I would like to see a change of culture in our area.

The song Malo Tiše is a significant collaboration of yours. How did the mutual cooperation with Jowam come about and can we expect any new joint tracks?

We met at a joint performance and the same evening we started working on the song, and a few days later we finished it. Jowam and I will definitely be doing something together again, and as for when, I wouldn’t know right now.

Music, we assume, is a big part of your everyday life. Can you tell us what other types of art you enjoy?

I don’t want to give a cliche answer, but I think the most beautiful art is the one you recognize in atypical things. Say, my plate when I’m eating, the ashes on my fingers when you start a fire, or the smell of Bucko.

How does the new popularity that you additionally achieved with the song Jao ​​Mama, in collaboration with Coby, affect you? To what extent is Tiktok nowadays a positive and promising way of promoting and presenting the musical creativity of young people?

It’s all still unreal to me, I’m not really aware of what’s going on. Tiktok is ok, I want to exist outside of it, but thanks for the help.

What are you currently working on, apart from preparing for the concert in Novi Sad?

As for the new stuff, I have a better idea of ​​what I’m going to do, and I’m preparing at least three singles, maybe a mixtape along with it, by the end of 2024.

Photo: private archives

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