September in Novi Sad: Six Reasons to Visit the European Capital of Culture This Month

September in Novi Sad has a special charm. With the change of seasons, at the beginning of a school year, the streets of Novi Sad become more hectic, and it seems that every nook in the city, even the hidden and less-known ones, is waking up and getting new energy after the lazy summer daze. 

If the weather is to be trusted, this September will only have a couple of rainy days, and a lot of events, activities and reasons to visit Novi Sad this month.

Kaleidoscope of Culture turns Novi Sad into a city-stage

Renowned violinist Stefan Milenković, legendary actor Zijah Sokolović, multi-award-winning writer Svetislav Basara, ultimate music genius Rambo Amadeus, dramaturge Minja Bogavac are only some of the names we’ll be able to see at this year’s Kaleidoscope of Culture, from 2 September to 8 October. There’s also the Novi Sad premiere of Dragan Bjelogrlić’s new film ‘Toma’, Ars Electronica Pavilion, a leading European institution connecting art and technology, an exhibition of the best Belgian comic book artists – this year’s programme abounds with great names, prestigious artistic institutions and artists who all contribute to the Kaleidoscope of Culture being one of the most significant events in culture in the region this year.

This will be the fourth edition of the Kaleidoscope of Culture which, following the slogan of the culture of togetherness, prepares us for the title of European Capital of Culture. After a four-day opening in Creative District in Great Liman, five forms of art – architecture, literature, visual, applied and performing arts will be presented to the audience. You can find more information about the programme here.

Street Musicians Festival brings magic to Gradić

An event that brought out both musicians and audience to the streets of Novi Sad, will, this year too, breathe new life into the suburbium of the Petrovaradin Fortress. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the traditional procession from the city centre to Gradić won’t happen this year, but the rich programme lasting from 3 to 5 September guarantees unique rhythms and creative and stunning performances. Festival director Bora Beljanski advised us not to miss the performance of Beti Đorđević and the Art Ensemble of the Ministry of Defence ‘Stanislav Binički’ within the opening ceremony. Film screenings within Gradić bioskop (en. Gradić Movie Theatre) will also take place.

Returning to theatres

After the summer break, theatres in Novi Sad are opening their doors again in September. In the oldest theatre in the country, the Serbian National Theatre, the preparations for Verdi’s opera ‘Aida’ are well under way. It will be staged under the open sky, within the walls of the Petrovaradin Fortress, on 15 September. Opera of the Serbian National Theatre will mark important jubilees with this performance – 160 years of the oldest Serbian theatre, 150 years of the world premiere of ‘Aida’ and the 120th anniversary of the prominent composer’s death. Drama of the Serbian National Theatre is opening its season with the premiere of Peter Handke’s ‘The Goalkeeper’s Fear of the Penalty’, directed by Ana Đorđević. The play will be staged for the first time on Saturday, 4 September, within INFANT and the opening of the Kaleidoscope of Culture. Furthermore, in the Youth Theatre, there’s a premiere of the play ‘The Three Musketeers’, while the September repertoire of the Novi Sad Theatre includes the play ‘Dance in the 21st Century’, which is going to be performed within the ‘Pokretnica’ festival of contemporary dance and performance, as well as the play ‘Nesrećni’ by the guest theatre ‘Figura Studio’ from Romania.

On two wheels

We already wrote about the special fondness this city has for bikes, Novi Sad’s long cycling history and the best bike routes that can help you get to know the city better or fall in love with it again. September is ideal for riding bikes across the city due to, among other things, more pleasant temperatures. And if you want to experience the true biking spirit of Novi Sad, visit Novi Sad Cycling Initiative’s 10th birthday and join their collective ride (Limanski Park is the starting point).

Food in September

Fall is getting closer, and with it come the lovely scents typical of Vojvodina. This time of the year, people are starting to prepare food for the winter, whereas markets in Novi Sad get new colours. The food here is hard to resist! So just let yourself enjoy the magic of gastronomy in Vojvodina. Events related to food: Ukusi Vojvodine (The Scents of Vojvodina), from 11 to 12 September in Limanski Park, with over 100 Vojvodina dishes served; Novosadski noćni bazar (Novi Sad Night Bazaar) on 3 September at Riblja pijaca.

It’s time for sports!

Fruškogorski maraton (The Fruška Gora Marathon) is usually held in May but was moved to September due to the pandemic. Having in mind it’s one of the oldest and most popular sports activities in these areas, we are sure a lot of people are waiting for it impatiently. There are 15 trails of different lengths and heights, of which six are competitive and nine are recreational.

Photo: Jelena Ivanović

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