Novi Sad in a Recognizable Summer Rhythm

Novi Sad is one of those European cities that, even during the hot summer months, is filled with curious tourists who like to visit it. This year, as the European Capital of Culture, the summer rhythm of the city that never sleeps is particularly prominent. The city and the richness of the tourist offer, which apart from numerous cultural events at every step, provide a special atmosphere in the discovery of cultural and historical heritage. It is considered one of the most beautiful European summer destinations mentioned in other world media, so if you wish to experience it from the point of view of the Novi Sad residents, you must not miss these places.

The Danube Sea as a Lifeblood

The residents of Novi Sad often spend sunny and warm summer days on the Danube, because the Danube is our sea. The river about which numerous songs have been sung, a river on which many generations have grown up. Its most beautiful beach – Štrand, which hosts thousands of visitors every day, is now also the centre of the cultural and artistic events of The Danube Sea programme arch of the European Capital of Culture. Do not miss the Pavilion on Štrand, which until the end of this week brings us events as a combination of culture and ecology, with the rich tradition of the Danube region.

In addition to swimming on Štrand, picigin in the Danube and the inevitable mekike and anchovies with a cold beer, you can enjoy basketball and beach volleyball on the beach. The inhabitants of Novi Sad often seek relief from the summer heat at Oficirac, a beach that can be reached by crossing the Žeželj Bridge, but there are also Šodroš, Ljubavno ostrvo, Bećarac and Ribarac, beaches on the Danube where you can refresh yourself and rest. Moreover, if you are attracted to Danube rafting, you can rent a canoe, kayak or pay for a catamaran ride on Ribarac, because summer sailing on the Danube and watching the sunset are a special experience.

Find Your Piece of Shade

During the weekend, when the bright sun warms the streets of Novi Sad, many people seek escape from the heat at the swimming pools at Spens and Sajmište, but also a piece of ‘cool’ shade in one of the restaurants and csárdas on the Danube, where they can enjoy perfectly prepared fishing specials. Many head to numerous salaš in Čenej, where in a beautiful environment that evokes memories of old, simple times, supreme Vojvodina specials are served.

Novi Sad and Summer Adventure

In the summer, you will often meet fans of an active holiday on a picnic in one of the most beautiful Novi Sad parks or on the slopes of Fruška Gora, the oldest National Park in Serbia, which offers a wide selection of easy mountain paths for walking, as well as a new, 5.5 km long circular trim track, accessible and ideal and for the youngest. Numerous picnic areas on Fruška Gora, including Stražilovo, Iriški venac, Zmajevac, Andrevlje, Letenka, etc., restore the peace that the everyday city bustle disturbs. You can complement your walk in the national park with a tour of one of the numerous Fruška Gora monasteries that we suggest, or enjoy the landscapes of the Fruška Gora lakes, such as Bešenovačko, Ledinačko, and other gems tucked between the green hills of the mountain. Of course, do not miss the wine mecca, Sremski Karlovci, where you will drink some of the best vines of this region.

Experience Novi Sad This Way

If you go for a walk along the Quay in the early morning, active fellow citizens who, in addition to rollerblading, cross this long promenade by brisk walks, runs or bicycles are very often to be seen.

Join them or go down to Bećarac and enjoy the morning rays of the rising sun. And where to meet the most beautiful sunset? Of course, somewhere on the Danube, or next to the ‘drunken’ clock on the Petrovaradin Fortress, which offers an unreal view of the entire city.

In addition to the Quay, the main promenade of Novi Sad is in the city centre, from Zmaj Jovina to Dunavska Street, where you will meet ‘half the city’ in a leisurely walk. You can drink coffee in one of the numerous cafés and eat ice cream or cake in one of the traditional Novi Sad pastry shops. Stop to admire the famous Church of the Name of Mary, affectionately called the Cathedral by the people of Novi Sad. You can also walk to the nearby Cultural Centre in Katolička Porta where you can visit some of the cultural events.

Summer in the Rhythm of Culture

During the summer, the whole city is in a fast rhythm of unrepresented cultural events, including numerous concerts, festivals, exhibitions and performances, especially this year when it holds the European Capital of Culture title, so you can meet people from Novi Sad walking around the city and visiting numerous current exhibitions. Just a few that we recommend you to visit, which are located in the very centre of the city, are the following exhibitions – Accents, which will introduce you to the history of Novi Sad, A Neolithic Night’s Dream – the archaeological exhibition about the Neolithic in this area, Time and Universe – the exhibition about the time from chaos to the cosmos, as well as activist exhibition ReCapitulation.

A Neolithic Night’s Dream Exhibition

Do not forget the current exhibitions in the Gallery of Matica Srpska, about the collection of paintings of the First Lady of Yugoslavia, Jovanka Broz, as well as the Parallels and events within the Summer in the Gallery Square. While we are waiting for the famous Kaleidoscope of Culture, the next programme arch of the ECoC, which as the best European Trend Brand will take place from 1 September to 7 October, and then the traditional Street Musicians Festival and Tamburica Fest, we are enjoying the many events of The Danube Sea. Novi Sad in the current ECoC programme arch gathers local and foreign artists and activists united in the idea that, in addition to enjoying the beauty of the Danube flow, attention must also be focused on its preservation.

Kaleidoscope of Culture on Korzo

Follow regularly our calendar on the website and enjoy the Novi Sad summer coloured with a dose of art, fun, rest and pleasure. With manners, relaxed and leisurely, just as befits the residents of Novi Sad, but also those visitors who will ‘merge’ with the city and fall in love with it at first sight.

Author: Marina Marić

Photo: Jelena Ivanović

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