Art of the Marginalized: Who Are the Superpowerful?

The first segment of the Other? Europe programme arch – The Superpowerful shows that there are no limits in culture and artistic creativity. Through a unique inclusive and accessible programme that began in the European Capital of Culture, we activate all the senses of art in the superpowerful and encourage equality in the creation of cultural content. Do not miss the interesting events and get to know the superpowerful but also creative synergy of marginalized groups and artists from all over Europ

After the experimental concert of the world-famous percussionist Evelyn Glennie, whose interview you can read HERE, and the musician Szilárd Mezei, the Superpowerful programme segment continued with the opening of the exhibition of one of the greatest Serbian painters, Uroš Predić, called ‘Uroš Predić for Everyone’. The exhibition was implemented according to the highest museum standards and is accessible to visitors with disabilities of all age categories. The exhibition will run until the end of January 2023.

Let’s Get to Know the Superpowerful through Exhibitions for Everyone

As part of the Superpowerful programme, we take you to several noteworthy exhibitions. First of all, we invite you to visit the unique Art Brut exhibition of contemporary art of marginalized groups in the Archives of Vojvodina, the gallery space of the Shock Cooperative and the Svilara Cultural Station until 30 October. The works of art are created by people with difficulties in psychosocial functioning.

Europe According to Feješ, an exhibition that you can visit at the Cultural Centre of Novi Sad and the Tourist Organisation of Novi Sad until 23 October, takes you on an interesting journey through the cities of Europe, through the artistic vision of the famous painter of naive art, Emerik Feješ. Due to a difficult life in poverty, this unconventional artist of the 20th century painted with toothpicks and button paint, creating masterpieces that are now mostly kept in the Museum of Naive and Marginalised Art in Jagodina. You can read the text about Emerik Feješ on our website.

Art for everyone will be shown through the exhibition of the same name, which you can visit in the hall of the Rectorate of the University of Novi Sad until 11 November. It is about an innovative collection of works of art that will be exhibited at the School for Primary and Secondary Education Milan Petrović.

The Superpowerful Programme on the Movie Screen

From today until Sunday, 16 October, you have the opportunity to visit the 20th Seize the Film international film festival dealing with disability. Stop by the Cultural Centre today at 6 p.m., because the German artist Ervin Aljukić will surprise you with his performance right at the opening. Seize the Film is the only film festival in Serbia that is accessible to the blind, deaf and people with physical disabilities. The admission is free, and you can find the schedule and list of films on the link.

Superpowerful Play at 120 Decibel

The musical part of the concept of the synergy of the superpowerful will be completed by the performance of the Viennese classical-experimental ensemble Black Page Orchestra, which will play at 120 decibels, and a free concert awaits us in the City Concert Hall on 14 October at 8 p.m. If we have intrigued you, see you on Friday at the concert, where ear protectors will be distributed to the audience, and then the Black Page Orchestra will perform a programme composed of contemporary compositions by foreign and local authors. The ensemble brings together a classical instrumental composition with strong energy supported by electronic music and video projections.

Photo: V.Veličković

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