Doček Is People: Gallery of Last Year’s Most Memorable Photos


There are only five days left until the spectacular Doček in Novi Sad, which will officially close the title year of the European Capital of Culture. While we are impatiently waiting for another unforgettable Doček, an audio-visual experience in the Suburbium first on 31 December, and then on 13 January indoor, at unusual concert venues throughout the city, we bring you a brief overview of the most memorable photos from last year’s celebration, when we stepped into this historic year for Novi Sad.

Doček is people, the loyal audience who, with their support in the development of the city’s culture, have been successfully writing a new history of Novi Sad, the European Capital of Culture, for six years. Doček is emotion, love, the culture of togetherness, and the multicultural Novi Sad. Doček celebrates duality, and cherishes two alphabets and two time calculations, as well as two dates and two New Years, through two concepts. Doček is artistic events and unique must-have experiences that will once again bring together the performing and visual arts.

The Suburbium will become the epicentre of an excellent music programme this year as well, on 31 December, but also of a light show that will be presented by local and foreign artists, as well as a meeting place for different cultures. We invite you to visit three top-notch exhibitions that celebrate great scientists – Mileva Marić Einstein, Milutin Milanković and Nikola Tesla, which will mark and close the title year in Novi Sad. Then head to the heart of the Petrovaradin Fortress, across the bridge over the Danube, and spend another unforgettable Doček in Novi Sad. The New Year’s Eve transition to 2023 will be like an overture to Doček 7531, which will also feature a quality music programme. If you are unfamiliar with the meaning of the 7531, find out here why Novi Sad celebrates this year on 13 January. There is no shortage of reasons to spend New Year’s Eve in Novi Sad, as you will see for yourself here, so make sure to get tickets for the events on 13 January in time.

Fellow citizens and visitors to the European Capital of Culture will show again this year that the strength of Doček lies in its special energy, togetherness and fostering a culture of diversity.

Photo: Vladimir Veličković, Marko Pudić, Marko Ristić

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