New Young Energy in the District

The synergy of music genres that marked Doček 7532 in the District started a wave of new young audience, but also creative energy at the site of Novi Sad’s former industrial heritage.

Numerous satisfied visitors who decided to spend the Julian New Year in the District, at one of the nearly 40 locations where a rich New Year’s programme took place, are proof that the recognizable trend brand in the field of culture, which contributes to tourism and the image of the city, is truly one of the most visited celebration in this part of Europe.

– This is the fourth time this year that I have come to the District for one of the events. There was also an excellent programme at this year’s Kaleidoscope of Culture, and now I first came to Doček to listen to KOIKOI, a band I’ve been following since their foundation. Of course, the party continued later in Fabrika with DJ performances! – pointed out Jovana, one of the visitors.

The District, as a unique artistic quarter, which attracts fans of the alternative scene, once again attracted curious visitors who enjoyed the energetic performances of almost 20 performers. The music programme was arranged in the facilities Proizvodnja and SCCNS Fabrika, which the Novi Sad audience, as well as visitors to the city of culture, recognize as new concert spaces since the renovation of the District.

The Proizvodnja facility hosted young performers from the local scene who, in cooperation with the Serbia Creates platform, brought contemporary tunes. The artist Zhiva with her band, then the bands  Keni Nije Mrtav, KOIKOI, as well as rappers  Rouzi and Jowam created a unique atmosphere.

– I came for Rouzi (laughs)! I adore him and his music, and the performance with Jowam was great! Joking aside, of course the other performers also played brilliantly – Milana, who watched the concert from the front row, briefly commented.

– The impressions are really great, we came from Belgrade, by train! It is great that Novi Sad got a space for concerts of alternative bands, it will probably be an additional reason for me to come here more often. My only regret is that the individual performances of the five bands were short, although the overall event was great! – explained Mladen.

The fact that Novi Sad is considered a city that gave birth to many big names of our alternative scene is also confirmed by Zhiva, a new name on the Serbian music scene and the artist who first performed at Proizvodnja from 9 p.m. ‘The creation of artistic spaces of this kind opens up the possibility for a new generation of artists whose time is yet to come‘ – said the talented young pop artist who raised the atmosphere in Proizvodnja with the song Preterujem. You can read the interview with her on our website .

Emilija Đorđević, bassist and vocalist of the band KOIKOI, agreed with Iva Pažin, Zhiva, who says that every space is intended for an alternative scene – a good move that shows that something is moving in the right direction. She also stated that ‘the people in the audience mostly dictate in which direction the concert will go. We give ourselves absolutely, but if they send out the energy as well, it’s a real deal. The audience from Novi Sad showed us affection from the very beginning’ – says Emilija. You can read more about this band in the interview on our website.

The New Year in Novi Sad was welcomed with four artists from the local and foreign electro scene – Matthew Johnson and Marko Nastić, with whom Runy and 2Much shared the stage. Together, they managed to shake up the District and once again set the drive of creative energy in motion.

– Of course, I have never had the opportunity to hear Matthew live and I didn’t want to miss it. What I like most about him is his sound, which sets him apart from other DJs, because it’s a mix of different styles – said Vladimir, also one of Doček’s visitors.

The main driving force of Doček, however, is the phenomenal young Novi Sad audience, which with its support in the development of art, and with the culture of togetherness, is writing a new history of the District. The new artistic district, where the former silence of abandoned factories has been replaced by the energetic sound of the alternative music scene, will continue to live and develop in the years ahead. Visit District!

Autorka: Marina Marić

Foto: Vladimir Veličković

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