Get to Know Novi Sad from a Different Perspective

Have you ever wondered what Novi Sad looks like from the bird’s-eye view? Take a look at our photo gallery of stunning photos and get to know a whole new perspective of the European city of culture.

Novi Sad is undoubtedly one of those European cities that stands out for its stunning architecture and façade details. We take you on a short tour of the city of rich cultural heritage from a completely different perspective. Through a selected gallery of aerial photographs, we will feel the new spirit of Novi Sad, which is proud of its symbols.

One of these is the Church of the Name of Mary, better known as the Cathedral among the citizens of Novi Sad. It is 72m high, and the beauty of the famous Zsolnay ceramics on its roof stands out especially when you look at it from a bird’s eye view. The same can be said for the Novi Sad Jewish Church Synagogue, which is also one of the main concert venues today. The oldest neighbourhood of Novi Sad, Almaš neighbourhood, with its labyrinth of winding streets, and the building reminiscent of Danube boats – Banovina, the work of the famous architect Dragiša Brašovan, look impressive as well.

Symbols of defeat, victory, freedom and hope are not only the magnificent bridges on the Danube Varadin, Žeželj and Freedom Bridge, but also the largest monument on Fruška Gora, erected in honour of the fallen fighters in the Second World War.

Matica Srpska is the main culprit that gave Novi Sad the nickname ‘Serbian Athens’, which you can read in the text, and in front of this magnificent building there are six busts of famous personalities.

The attractive appearance of the Danube Park, one of the most beautiful parks in Novi Sad, as well as the Danube on Ribarac and Štrand, will surely attract your attention, as well as the greenery of Đačko Igralište (Student Court) and the Vojvodina Stadium next to the famous Spens sports business facility.

Furthermore, from a bird’s eye view, the scale of the District, a former neglected industrial complex, better known as the Chinatown, which thanks to ECoC was transformed into a centre of Novi Sad’s contemporary creativity, but also the famous Suburbium in Petrovaradin, restored after 300 years, also thanks to ECoC title year, is magnificent. 

And when the photos take us back to the centre of Novi Sad, we will notice that at the top of the palace where the famous Atina café and pastry shop is located, there is an Iron Night with a halberd in his hand, watching and guarding the passers-by and visitors of Novi Sad. 

Author: Marina Marić

Photo: Jelena Ivanović, Filip Petronijević

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